Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)

SLCC is the most diverse higher education institution in Utah. We must work constantly to ensure everyone feels welcome, has what they need for success and is treated with respect on our campuses. Inclusivity and equity is our mantra, embedded in the fabric of our college, to serve all our constituents and the broader community.

Please register in the MySLCC Employee Training portal for each training you want to attend. Most sessions are listed under "Staff Development."

Fall workshops are listed in the catalog and registration is now open.

Equity and Diversity

Learning & Action Circles are a way for faculty and staff to learn about a topic through reading (sometimes a mix of videos and TedTalks) and then joining a group of colleagues in discussion. These sessions are also a great way to increase your understanding of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion topics.

If you are interested in facilitating a session, email: anjali.pai@slcc.edu for more information.

Lunch n Learns are group settings designed for safe and inclusive conversations with employees at SLCC. Topics include Understanding JEDI/EDI terminology, Implicit Bias, The Way We Lead Practices, Employee Engagement and more!

If you are interested in facilitating or presenting a session, please email charlen.mcneil@slcc.edu for more information.

Equity-minded educators do their work with respect for the linguistic and language processing diversity of students at Salt Lake Community College. These self-paced, online courses provide you with entry-level knowledge and straightforward strategies that support student writing development.

Teaching Towards Linguistic Justice

This course introduces linguistic/language bias and how Standardized American English impacts students at SLCC. The course explores the debate about language varieties in education and offers strategies that affirm English language varieties that students bring to college. 

(Online, 6 hours)


Working Well with ELL Writers

This course introduces language learning processes and the challenges of writing in a non-native language. Participants will acquire best practices for instruction and evaluation of ELL student writing.

(Online, 6 hours)


Writing with Hidden Disabilities

This course introduces how students with invisible disabilities and neurodiverse cognitive processing may experience writing assignments. Participants will learn about processes involved in writing and how to provide equitable opportunities for writing success to all students.  

(Online, 6 hours)


Register for these self-paced courses in the SLCC Registration System found under the Employee Tab in your MySLCC portal. In the registration system, select Faculty Development.

SLCC is committed to providing a safe and non-discriminatory learning and working environment for all members of the College community. Sexual misconduct, in all its forms, is an issue on college campuses across the county, and SLCC is no exception. As part of our ongoing campus awareness and prevention efforts, this Title IX training will inform faculty and staff on how to prevent, respond to, and report sexual violence and other forms of sexual misconduct. This training will explore approaches that can be used to develop mutually respectful work environments.

David Jensen, Director, EEO and Title IX, david.jensen@slcc.edu

This two-hour training will provide an overview of LGBTQ+ information, including terminology, history, privilege and contemporary issues, laws and social movements. This training is intended for anyone who would like to learn more about the LGBTGQ+ community and how to be a better ally.


For those who have completed Part 1 of LGBTQ+ Awareness Training, take it to the next level with LGBTQ+ Awareness, Part 2. We will go into greater depth on issues affecting LGBTQ+ members of our college community, as well as how to make our campus inclusive. Upon successful completion of this training, you will have the option to receive and display an “I am an LGBTQ+ Ally; You are welcome here” sign in your work area.

This 21-Day Challenge was an inaugural partnership between SLCC and YWCA Utah designed to expand education and conversations about racial equity and social justice. 

Register for the Challenge

At SLCC, we see this Challenge as one of many efforts to fulfill our vision, "Salt Lake Community College will be a model for inclusive and transformative education, strengthening the communities we serve through the success of our students." We hope the Challenge will encourage personal reflection and active community conversations.

Cha McNeil, Coordinator, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Staff Development & Employee Experience, charlen.mcneil@slcc.edu.

Search Advocates support a highly inclusive and equitable search and selection process to build a more diverse workplace and culture.

For more information on the in person or online training, or to request a Search Advocates for your hiring committee, please contact Cha McNeil at charlen.mcneil@slcc.edu.