Working Through COVID-19

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The College recognizes the need in transitioning a portion of the workforce to a virtual environment. While we recognize that normal work patterns, modes of communication, and team dynamics will be disrupted, we are encouraging units to explore telecommuting arrangements with their teams to ensure that operations can continue as normally as possible. Stay up-to-date by following the SLCC Safe Website

Taking Care of You During COVID-19

Guidelines for:

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Telecommuting WeBinar REcordings + Questions & Answers for Supervisors

General Guidance for Employees & Supervisors

  • The college has enterprise-level systems that can make your remote office function just as if you were on campus. By using JabberWebex, and All Access you can have direct contact with the entire college community, take and receive office calls, join meetings as if you were knocking on your neighbors door, and enjoy all the system security as if you were logged in directly on the college network.
  • Set clear expectations for flexible or set work hours for yourself and your employees.
  • Keep in touch with each employee and inform them of how and when they can reach you throughout the day.
  • Utilize different methods of communication and do not solely rely on email. WebEx is a great tool that will allow you and your employee to utilize video conferencing and screen sharing for meetings outside of the office.
  • As a precaution, it is recommended that employees with laptops bring them home every night. If needed, other items (computer, printers, cables, monitor, etc) may also be taken home, but please obtain permission from your supervisor. Supervisors should maintain a list of the hardware taken home by their employees.


College Software/Systems

If employees do not have a laptop, check with your department to see if any computers are available. If none are available with your department, contact surplus to see if they have computers available. Desktops, and other office hardware (printers, cables, monitor, etc) may be taken home with supervisor approval. Supervisors should maintain a list of the hardware taken home by their employees. 

If your College computer is not equipped with systems that are needed to successfully telecommute, please submit an OIT request. OIT is not able to install programs on personal computers. OIT does have a limited supply of Surfaces or Ipads, if needed. Coordinate with OIT.

It is highly recommended, when possible, employees take their laptops home with them each night. 


If you have internet services at home, that would be acceptable to use. The College is exploring internet hotspots and internet reimbursement for employees. More information to come.

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