SLCC Emeritus Awardees

Emeritus status honors former faculty, staff and administrators whose contributions have made Salt Lake Community College one of the finest community colleges in the nation.



Year Awarded

Sondra Adams

Associate Dean Emeritus 2018

Louise Bown

Full Professor Emeritus 2017

Sue Briggs

Associate Professor Emeritus 2017

Shirley Brock

Coordinator Emeritus 2018

Norma Carr

Director of Athletics Emeritus 2017

Sheila Chambers

Professor Emeritus 2018

Larry Christensen

Associate Professor Emeritus 2017

John Close

Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Ray Emett Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Kathryn Eppler Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Janet Felker AVP Student Planning & Support Emeritus 2014
Nancy Fillat International Student Services Director Emeritus 2017
Joshua Gold Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Anne Graham Full Professor Emeritus 2016
Barbara Grover Vice Pres for Institutional Effectiveness Emeritus 2017
Neal Grover Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Shawna Haider Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Darlene Head Veterans Services Manager Emeritus 2017
Jack Hesleph Director, Career & Student Employment Services Emeritus 2017
Marilyn Hibbert Associate Professor Emeritus 2018
Gary Howard Associate Professor Emeritus 2018
Delan Jensen Lab Coordinator Emeritus 2018
Jill Kemerer Director, Outreach and Access Emeritus 2017
Melodee Lambert Associate Professor Emeritus 2016
Larry Landward Advisor II, DRC Emeritus 2014
Kjartan Magnusson Professor Emeritus 2018
John McCormick Dean Emeritus 2016
Jeffrey Plant Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Diana Ploeger Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Celestina Punzalan Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Donetta Richards Associate Professor Emeritus 2018
David Richardson Vice President Emeritus 2018
Arleen Sawitzke Full Professor Emeritus 2017
Janice Schmidt Executive Assistant to the President Emeritus 2017
Jana Tucker Assistant Professor Emeritus 2017
Dana Van Dyke Budget Director Emeritus 2017
Jean Widdison Associate Professor Emeritus 2018
Jay Woodall Associate Professor Emeritus 2017
Lynnette Yerbury Full Professor Emeritus 2017


As a SLCC emeritus titleholder, the following SLCC benefits are available:

  • New OneCard issued by ID Center with Emeritus notation
  • 250 free SLCC business cards noting your Emeritus title
  • Continuing lifetime usage of your College email account
  • Invitations to and notifications of various College events; recognition at certain College events (e.g., Employee Recognition Celebration); participation in academic processionals including commencement and convocation if desired
  • Listing in the College Catalog as an emeritus faculty or staff member, if desired
  • Tuition waiver for yourself and a spouse
  • Free SLCC parking permit
  • Discounts: 10% discount at College Store locations; 10% discount for Grand Theatre tickets; free tickets to athletic events; free access to Lifetime Activities Center (show ID reflecting Emeritus status)
  • Library borrowing privileges
  • Automotive maintenance services through the Automotive program

Individuals who are awarded emeritus status shall not speak for or publicly represent the College without prior written permission from the College President. Emeritus status involves no duties and provides no stipends or remuneration.