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Etrieve Forms Information (ELECTRONIC FORMS)

If available, we encourage you to use the Electronic Etrieve Form in place of the PDF. During our transition to Etrieve, PDF forms will be available as a backup, if necessary.

eform-transparent-background.png= Electronic Form via Etrieve Central (SLCC Login Required) 

How to Locate an Etrieve Form (Video)
new GIF Navigating the Etreive Central Dashboard (Video)

Originator Guide - PDF | Video

  • Originator is the person that submits the form. The beginning of the workflow.

Approver Guide - PDF (Draft) | Video

  • Approver is anyone receiving the form after the originator.

How to route a form for approval to:

  • One Level of Approval - Video (New Hire Form, Separation Form)
  • Two or More Levels of Approval - Video (Change Action, Employment of Relatives Form)

The following forms currently in development:

  • Additional Assignment Agreement
  • Educational Reimbursement
  • Name Change Form
  • One-time Payment Form
  • Telecommuting Agreement
  • Volunteer Information Form (department side)
  • Partnership Information Form
  • Degree Advancement Form
  • Employee Check-Out Form
  • Early Retirement Agreement
  • Phased Retirement Proposal
  • Workstudy PAF

Benefits Forms & Information [Top]

Family leave information: [Top]

Need assistance? Contact Jill Tew, 801-957-4722

ADA Accommodation: [Top]

Need assistance? Contact Jill Tew, 801-957-4722

Compensation Forms [Top]

New employee forms [Top]


New employee

Available on onboarding website

    • Condition of Employment Form
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • Ethical Duties of Officers & Employees Form
    • Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form)
    • New Employee Orientation Checklist Form
    • W-4 Form

Employee Relations Forms [Top]

Faculty Forms [Top]

Full Time Faculty Forms:

Growth, Planning and Support Forms [Top]

Miscellaneous Forms [Top]

Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) [Top]

Tuition Waiver [Top]

  • eTuition Waiver - Web-based - Use if you are a Full Time Staff or Faculty for yourself or dependents. Access through MyPage > Employee tab > Web Time Entry > Employee Tab Inner > Employee Tuition Waiver. Please note that paper forms for full time employees and dependents will not be accepted by Cashiering as of 11/03/2014 Tuition Waiver Exemption/Waiver Guidelines
  • Request for Tuition Exemption/Waiver - Paper Form (Use if you are in one of the following groups: Adjunct Faculty or Dependent; Part-time Staff; Retired Faculty/Staff or Dependent; Early Retiree or Dependent; Board of Trustees Member or Dependent)

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