Health Mastery

The Health Mastery program is designed with behavior change in mind. Four different Health Mastery topics (Personal Fitness Training, Recipe Book & Mindful Meals, & Stress Management) will be offered throughout the 2017-2018 fiscal year. An attendance/completion rate of 100% is ideal for setting the stage for future behavior change, but employees will be eligible for the wellness incentive if they complete roughly 90% of these programs.

Personal Training: Participants of the Personal Training Program will receive a maximum of 16 weekly Personal Training sessions.  Due to staffing limitations, this program is available to a limited number of participants.  If you would like to participate, please review the Personal Training procedures then complete the PT Intake Form.  If selected, your Personal Trainer will contact you to finalize your training schedule.

Recipe Book and Mindful Meals: This program is designed to further the connection between meal planning, shopping, cooking, and eating.  In this program, participants will prepare, consume, evaluate 10 recipes from the custom built SLCC's recipe book.  As a capstone to this program, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate mindful eating practices into their daily lives.

Participate in this program by joining the Recipe Book and Mindful Meal Hubbub challenge

Stress Management: This 8 week stress managements program aims to educate participants about stress, the importance of having it, how to prevent it from causing harm, and how to grow through it.

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