Academic Experience

SLCC Pathways is first and foremost about enhancing learning. Students learn best and are more likely to return when they are highly engaged in their own learning. Pathways gives SLCC an opportunity to utilize high impact teaching practices in a more systematic way. Practices such as service-learning, first-year seminars, writing-intensive courses, and common intellectual experiences will be applied more broadly across each of the eight pathways so that students are more likely to encounter them.

In seeking to implement Pathways, we must redesign not only program curricula, but also the content of the courses. Preparing students to make informed decisions about their area of study should be an intrinsic part of the curriculum, particularly in the first semester. This means communicating to students in the classroom about the overall organization and goals of programs and areas of study.

In addition, students require structure to pass successfully through a pathway. Providing students with carefully-designed program maps will help them make better decisions about coursework and minimize harm if they decide on a different pathway later. Ideally, a student's first year in a given pathway will prepare them to enter any program of study within that area. This requires making explicit connections between courses in related fields.

SLCC Pathways: Curricular Design Principles