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Staff Stars

August 2017 Staff Stars


August prize winners:

  • Sarah Franco
  • Nick Burns
  • Monica Gomez
  • Martha Wilding
  • Karen Green

Here are partial comments from this month’s Staff Star submissions:

Angie Hunter, Administrative Asst. II, Staff Development –

  • Angie is a great employee who is committed to improving the lives and careers of her fellow employees! I appreciate all her efforts to assisting us all grow and learn! Thank you, Angie! #rockstar

Angie Napper, Director, Distance Education –

  • Angie is a visionary thinker. She strategies learning solutions that will benefit students to the maximum. She inspires those around her to do the same. Her work with UWHEN has been extraordinary.

Aurea Torres, Custodian 3, Facilities Custodial Redwood –

  • She really goes the extra mile to see that everything gets done!! She helps each and every one of her coworkers with their job as well as doing her own!! Sometimes she doesn't even take break because she knows that things has to get done!!

Barbie Willett, Associate Dean, Div. of Management, Marketing, and Legal Studies –

  • Barbie exemplifies the values of SLCC. She is an excellent collaborator between her department and other areas of the college. She's always pleasant, kind, and ready to get to work. You can trust her to do what she says she'll do - always for the good of the students.

Brian Taylor, Specialist 2, Distance Education –

  • Brian always works diligently to create wonderful graphics for our online courses. He is willing to take on difficult challenges and tasks to make learning more enjoyable and accessible. Brian is always approachable and helpful.

Casey Moore, Director, Information Technology –

  • Casey has been great to work with on various SharePoint issues and trainings. I appreciate his time and expertise and patience, especially with the Faculty Senate SharePoint site! Thank you, Casey!!!

Danny Sanchez, Advisor I, Academic Advisor –

  • Danny contributes to the success of Academic Advising in many ways, not the least of which is his attention to putting students first and also being flexible to accommodate the needs of the Advising department. Thank you Danny!

David Brower, Coordinator 3, Site Planning & Support –

  • David is an exceptional person. He is a great listener, and he is very helpful. He has the qualities that are unusual in an employee. He knows how to add joy to a workplace and to include everyone. Even in difficult situations, he is honest and open. Thanks David!!!

Jan Meigs, Coordinator 2, Admissions & Lori Reagan, Coordinator 2, STEM Learning Resources –

  • Jan and Lori from SLCC Staff Association are Star Employees. They truly exemplify what customer service is all about. They helped me serve a large group of people with only a minute notice. They make it fun and enjoyable. SLCC is a better place thanks to them.

Erely Harker, Secretary III, Corporate Solutions –

  • Erely has only been with us a little over 6 months but has already made huge contributions. Starting with sorting and organizing mail delivery, office and printer supplies from 3 different groups into one consolidated area. She has learned CANVAS to assist with course development, exporting and importing content and publishing courses when ready. This includes changing the template on at least 25 power point presentations. She assists with planning and preparing for marketing events, displaying program flyers around campus and so much more. Last but certainly not least, she's just FUN to work with!

Gisselle Castro, Specialist III, Prospective Students –

  • It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Gisselle Castro for this honor. I have been working as colleagues for the Gear Up Program for the past 4 months at Taylorsville High School…Home of the Mighty WARRIORS! Because of Gisselle’s friendly demeanor, during any of our one-to-one meetings or having conversations with our Gear Up students or parents, she always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of all of us. She is dependable, honest, caring and incredibly hard-working. She never gives up! She also takes time to better herself not only as a professional, but also as a college student, wife, sister and friend. we love you GISSELLE!

Jake Harker, Technician I, Academic Advising –

  • Jake, Emiko and Ashley were great in helping me to install my new Standing Desk! He went the extra mile to explain how to operate this new desk. Thank you Jake!

Jesus Saavedra, Specialist, Disability Resource Center –

  • Jesus is one of the most hard working staff members in our department. He is dependable, reliable, professional, and very fast at the tasks/job he is seeing through. You can always count on him to follow through and be of assistance to students and staff alike. He has learned multiple new tasks in a short period of time and excelled at all of them. He deserves kudos for the dedication he has shown to our department and the students we serve.

Juan Deliote, Custodian 2, Facilities Custodial Redwood –

  • Juan is a wonderful asset to our department (Center for Health and Counseling) and the college. He takes pride in his work and it shows. His attention to detail is impeccable. He is a forward-thinker and is always looking at ways to make our department a cleaner place for our employees and our clientele. The tasks may not always be the most pleasant, but that never deters him. His smile is so bright and he is always in a good mood. We are so grateful to Juan and his dedication to both our department and the college.

* Karen Green, Specialist 3, Institutional Advancement VP –

  • Karen Green (Specialist 3, Institutional Advancement Support) is a pure joy to work alongside from her smile to her work ethic! Karen sets the bar high when it comes to customer services (internal/external facing) as she takes the time to answer my questions and guide me through proper channels/workflows. Your willingness to share your tips/tricks for troubleshooting/speeding up various tasks at hand in our Media Operations department is priceless.

Karen Green, Specialist 3, Institutional Advancement VP & Laura Moore, Administrative Asst. II, Development Office –

  • Laura Moore and Karen Green were beyond their call of duty to assist me on a very busy day at the college. With a few minutes notice, they provided me with the assistance need it to undertake a big project. Both of you are extraordinary.

Laura Moore, Administrative Asst. II, Development Office –

  • Laura had a huge project added to her day-to-day work load this summer. She took it on with a smile and finished it in record time. Laura also finds time to help others with their work and makes sure our team is moving forward. She keeps a lot of balls up in the air and does them all with excellence. She represents the College to our outside vendors, and guests. She stays until the projects are completed and doesn't complain about the time it takes to do the job. Laura is always a star but she really earned my praise and admiration with her extra effort this summer.

Linda Sellers, Instructional Designer 2, Distance Education –

  • I appreciate Linda for inviting me to job-shadow her through the UWHEN job-shadow trial. I learned so much and gained a deeper appreciation for the work that she does as an Instructional Designer! She is an important part of the entire SLCC process and has an amazing attitude and energy! Thank you, Linda!!

Lisa Bradshaw, Accounting Tech 2, Accounts Payable –

  • SLCC hires the best people. Lisa Bradshaw is a true example of this practice. With a big project coming up, she went beyond her call of duty to help me get all the checks I needed to our vendors on time. Thank you Lisa. You are a Star Employee! You are the best!

Loren Safford, Specialist III, Distribution & Troy Walker, Manager 1, Facilities Vehicles –

  • Something was bagged up with other similar items and was sent to surplus wrongfully. When my manager realized that this new equipment had been sent to surplus she ask me to see if it could be found. I called Loren Safford, and Troy Walker to see if they could find the items and return them to our department. I was told that our surplus had been sorted and placed on a pallet but that they would do their best to find and return it. Within a few hours the needed items were found and returned. Such willingness to coordinate efforts to help another department is what you can call amazing team work. Thank you to surplus staff for running such a functional department and showing willingness to help save money and serve others at so many locations at SLCC. This is why SLCC is such a great place to work.

Lori Reagan, Coordinator 2, STEM Learning Resources –

  • Lori is professional, capable, and a rock star at her job. Our department and the students we serve have never had delays or problems with the services the tutoring center provides because of Lori's great service and dedication to excellence. Her professionalism and leadership have proven to be extremely helpful in many situations and she deserves kudos for all she does. Thanks Lori!

Luz Gamarra, Coordinator 2, Multi Cultural Center –

  • Luz is such a remarkable scholar, professional and advocate. She has been able to fundraise approximately $8,000 for the SLCC Amigos Mentores Scholarship Fund!! This summer, I along with 5 other students, have benefited from this scholarship. I am very grateful for the existence of SLCC Amigos Mentores, it has shaped me and shifted my family's legacy forever. Luz inspires so many people and has changed the lives of thousands of students. Her tenacity and character of not giving up until she fully helps a student really gives me joy.

* Martha Wilding, Buyer, Purchasing Office –

  • Martha is always our go to person when we need help with purchasing. Her positive attitude and friendly nature is absolutely infectious. One of the things I really like is when she says, "It's my pleasure!" I know she means it, helping others really is something she loves to do and we are SO lucky to have her at SLCC!

Mike Siebach, Tutor Non-Certified, STEM Learning Resources –

  • Mike has been great to work with on various SharePoint issues and training, especially all my projects around the Faculty Senate SharePoint site. I appreciate his time and expertise and patience! Thank you, Mike!!!

* Monica Gomez Rogerson, Coordinator 2, Prospective Students –

  • Monica is such an amazing person to work with. As a people-oriented individual, Monica pours her heart in making the PACE Scholarship Program as successful as it can be. She is the epitome of kindness, compassion, and creativity. She makes people feel welcomed and is always willing to go the extra mile. With strong work and dedication, she has done a phenomenal job keeping the PACE program up and running. She is a strong leader, a resourceful, and a wonderful boss all around. I will really miss having her as my supervisor.

* Nick Burns, Associate Dean, Div. of Comm & Performing Arts –

  • Nick is a big-picture, long-term thinker, while also being kind and collaborative. Working with Nick across departments has been a great experience. He is responsible and responsive. I always enjoy working with Nick!

Rebecca Armitage, Program Manager 1, Dean, SAT & Tech Specialties –

  • Becky is one of the most capable, kind, and experienced professionals I know on campus. I have personally experienced her handle high stress, and high stakes issues and tackle them head on. She is a professional to strive to be like, and her positive attitude is infectious. If anyone deserves a staff star it is Becky. Thank you for all you do!

Ricky Luque, Specialist 1, Distance Education –

  • Ricky is very polite and great at interacting with employees and students alike. He is an amazing addition to our team! Thanks for all you do Ricky!!

Robin Howard, Infrastructure Specialist III, Information Technology –

  • She was great in assisting me with telephone issues and I appreciate her coming to my office to assist me! Thank you, Robin!

Sara Chadwick, Tutor Certified II, STEM Learning Resources –

  • Sara provides excellent customer service to SLCC students. As a tutor, she is highly knowledgeable, but she always communicates in a down-to-earth, non-intimidating way. She is the first to greet new students and ensure that they understand how the tutoring center works. She is always on time and gives her all during her entire shift. Her excellent work ethic and positive example are inspiring to co-workers, students and staff.

* Sara Franco, Specialist 2, Registration –

  • Sara works hard to help students graduate, understand why they CAN'T graduate and work with them to see the pathway to graduation. And she does this all with a kind voice, even when the student isn't being kind. Oh and she does this all efficiently, and with a smile.

Sarah Reale, Director Digital Marketing, Institutional Marketing –

  • I cannot resist from communicating our appreciation for the incredible work of Sarah Reale. She continues to support us with the upcoming Banner 9 Student Module marketing and has gone the extra mile in perfecting the communications and attending the “thousands” of discussions and meetings. Her time and support is appreciated. (Check out the landing page!) Kodu’s to Sarah. Truly so pleased!

Tatiana Schild, Secretary III, Mathematics –

  • Tatiana made extra effort, and devoted extra time to support our "instructor training" sessions in early August. Her support is critical for the success of those events. Kudos to her dedication!

Tyler Clark, Apprentice Plumber, Facilities Heat Plant & the Fix-It Folks –

  • When the drinking fountain in the LAC, between the two workout rooms, needed fixed and replaced I sent in a FIXIT request and it was eventually fixed. When the leaves, growth, and dirt was building up in the parking lot (North of the TB bldg), I sent in a FixiT request and it was completed within a few days! :) When a showerhead in the 2nd floor LAC mens showers were very loose, I submitted a ticket months ago to get them fixed. Today, Tyler was replacing the showerheads--thanks Tyler and all the Facilities folks for handling our FIXIT requests and resolving them in timely manner per their urgency and need.

Verl Long, Asst. Director 2, Academic Advising –

  • I can say that Verl is new but not all that new and that's cause he's a quick learner and a wonderful trainer for advisors. He's always available when you need him. He's quite unassuming and has the ability to try to make everyone feel comfortable around him which I think is a credit. He's willing to give you his perspectives on ways to handle problems. It is refreshing to work with him.

Vickie Lowe, Specialist 1, Scheduling –

  • I want to thank Vickie for all her hard work and how on top of things she is. No matter what we throw her way, she takes care of it quickly and diligently. Thank you for all you do for us Vickie!

Whitney Stay, Registrar –

  • Whitney has been a great co-worker and friend and always gives the student the correct information. She has been a huge help around the office and everyone around the office enjoys her presence.