Staff Stars

February 2018 Staff Stars:

(*) February prize winners:  Sonia Parker, Misty Wood, Joselyn Nelson, Jennifer Benally, Debbie Mahre


Here are partial comments from this month’s Staff Star submissions:

Amir Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, Specialist III, Student Center Office -

  • For the few months I have worked around Amir, he is a very outgoing individual who, always goes out of his way to assist in anyway he can. He is always taking the initiative to follow up on situations. Amir, is a supportive individual to the Student Center, in keeping it bright (watering the plants). Therefore making it a great place fo students to study and fellow staff to work.


Amy Minshall, Secretary II, Div. of Health Professionals -

  • Amy is always a bright light in everyone's day in the health professions office at Jordan Campus. She is willing to take on any assignment/task to lighten the load of many of the faculty and completes all tasks in a timely manner. She was even willing to help with a lab class in the OTA program and took the time to meet with faculty to help plan for the lab and be of assistance during the lab. A big shout out to Amy for her incredibly helpful, genuine, caring demeanor.


Annette Lowe, Manager 2, Accounting Sys/Payroll -

  • We have had some changes in our office recently that have dramatically changed our time approvers and their access. Annette has been so great to work through this with us! She is always happy to help and get us on the right track! She always goes above and beyond and helps us troubleshoot when things aren't going quite like they should! What we need at SLCC is more Annette's! Thanks for all you do!


Brinton Baggaley, Master Electrician, Facilities Electricians -

  • Brinton is as tall as he is intelligent. He really helps keep the lights on for us here at the college. I've seen him go out of his way several times on weekends or late at night when things have gone awry or working nights to test lights. (Because you need dark to see the light). He is a pleasure to talk with and be around. He can always "brighten" your day! Thanks, Bigguy, for all your hard work and diligence in life and at work!


Brook Collins, Specialist, Academic Advising -

  • Brook has always been extremely helpful. A great example is when we recently launched a new kiosk check-in system and we used her office as the test pilot. She worked with the advisors and the technical expert to troubleshoot multiple issues that came with a new software AND she did it with a great sense of humor and willingness. We appreciate all the support she provides to our students and our staff.


Brooke Bakker, Operations Associate, Student Svcs Vice Pres Off -

  • Brooke has been our graduate assistant helping us to adopt MySuccess. She has gone above and beyond to create a new website with training videos that are easily understood and accessible. She has taken the initiative over and over again to troubleshoot issues, answer questions, and develop new processes to make the system work for us.


Cascendra Lester, Custodian 2, Facilities Custodial -

  • She always go above and beyond to make sure everything gets done every night. She is always so helpful with the things i needed done. She deserves it!!!! SHE DA BOMBBBBBBB

Cami Knapp, Specialist 3, Academic Advising -

  • Cami is the epitome of efficiency and helpfulness, packaged with a great attitude. She keeps extremely busy but will make the time to assist, will almost run across campus to help when possible and will stick with it until an issue is resolved. Cami is one of the best things to happen to Academic Advising front desk and office support. Recently, Cami came to my office to assist with Calendaring issues and where it may normally be something easily resolved, she found that my issue was particularly complicated. She continued to work options, and rework options and even when done, she wanted to make sure more than once. I wish there was more I could do for Cami for all of the work and dedication she does for us. At the very least, here is my appreciation, Cami. Very well deserved! Thank you!


Carol Clawson, Administrative Asst. I, Div. of Health Professionals -

  • Carol is loyal to the Division, to save the day, through thick and thin. This was exemplified when asked by another staff person who delegated their job to Carol late evening after work hours via a phone call, (after Carol had already gone to bed), to coordinate food for the next morning's 7:30 am program advisory committee meeting. Carol got up bright and early, made arrangements, purchased food, and completed the set-up on time for the meeting. No one would have known the last minute preparations which took place. It was flawless. Carol is a dedicated member of the Health Profession's work family.


Cristina Grossi, Secretary II, Disability Resource Center -

  • Cristina Grossi is a committed employee to Salt Lake Community College. Her passion and genuine drive to help all who come to the front desk of our office is wonderful. We appreciate her commitment to provide the best service possible to our students. I greatly appreciate the many years of service she has accrued in the college and how she brings that depth of professional knowledge to us at the DRC as she serves everyone who comes into our office. She makes our office a welcoming place. She is always willing to listen to everyone. She is a person of high quality dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Thank-you Cristina for bringing such professionalism and commitment to your job.


Daniel Dewitt, Advisor 3, Disability Resource Center -

  • Daniel has been doing a fantastic job with his outreach efforts with the high schools. He is relatively new in his position, and has developed strong relationships with teachers, students, and parents. On top of those responsibilities, he has also been navigating some challenging student behaviors. His ability to multi-task is impressive, and he is very contentious. We're lucky to have him in the DRC!


Dawn Killpack, Specialist 2, Dean, School of Health Science -

  • Dawn goes above and beyond in helping make the Admissions office of the School of Health Sciences run smoothly. There was a period of time where there was no admissions coordinator and when the new coordinator was hired that Dawn was doing tasks that were not really part of her job but that needed to be done. She has learned so much since she started working at SLCC and I know she will continue to grow and become an even greater asset to the college and particularly to the School of Health Sciences


Dawn Roland, Technician II, Facilities Architects -

  • Dawn goes above and beyond to help those around her. She is always happy to help even with tedious and difficult projects. She is professional and highly skilled at her job. Dawn is a great asset to the school and her co workers.



*Debbie Mahre, Administrative Asst. II, Institutional Effectiveness -

  • Debbie was a resource provided by another department, who was thought to be the person to complete a task of obtaining course evaluations needed for a review and unable to be accessed by the respective associate dean. Upon calling Debbie and requesting help, I found out that this was not a task of hers nor a job she had been trained to do. Nevertheless, Debbie proactively took the Cognos training to be able to help. Within a three hour period, she was able to retrieve the reports needed by the associate dean. Debbie gracefully put time and effort into a new task, looked at the opportunity as a positive experience as it was a reason to receive new training, and was resourceful to proactively seek out mentorship so the task could be done. Debbie, you are appreciated!!! Thank you for your help!


Elizete Bond, Advisor 3, Academic Advising -

  • Elizete recently worked with another department to develop a new process and training for providing students with documentation needed for the other department. The new process is more transparent and easily understandable. She also recently advocated for one of her employees to get a change made in our building that will benefit multiple people. Elizete is always looking for ways to improve her team and herself.


Emily Barnes, Administrative Asst. I, Office of Learning Advancement -

  • Thank you for your patience and efforts this week with Monday’s agenda. It really is a moving target and I appreciate all you do.


Guy Douros, Specialist 3, Information Technology and Russell Allred, Specialist III, Information Technology -

  • Every time we need help for videoconference interviews, Guy and Russ come through for us. Every time. Without fail. Russ recently helped us with multiple interviews on short notice, and was exceptionally proactive in contacting candidates for a test run to ensure they had a good connection. We are grateful for your expertise, your hard work, and your willingness to help. Thanks a million!


Hali Araneo, Specialist III, Copy Center -

  • Dean Huffington, Associate Dean Burns and the SLCC Board. Thank you for hiring Hali Araneo to staff the print shop at the South City Campus.She was an excellent choice for hire. Hali has impressed me on several occasions with her competence, attitude and general service she serves the SLCC Community with. Regardless of how heavy the work load, time of day or job to be done, Hali never fails to present a caring attitude or exhibit 5 star technical expertise. Hali sets a high bar of excellence for herself, always touches it. Please give Hali the recognition she deserves. Truly, the level of service she provides and the competence she exhibits is a notch or two above the high level of excellence the SLCC Community nurtures. As is true with the very gross majority of the staff and faculty at SLCC, Hali Araneo sets a high bar, holds herself to a standard of excellence that is a credit to the SLCC Community. Regards, Respectfully, David


Idolina Quijada, Specialist 3, Student Services Offsite -

  • Constance experience and enjoyable to work with ,willingness to are some of her many skills .She is a great person to work but also works well with students other staff from other campuses and departments. Very dependable someone you can count on all ways willing to help. she goes out of her ways to inform you she is a great asset to this college.




Jackie Foltynowicz, Advisor 1, Disability Resource Center -

  • Jackie Foltynowicz has been with our department for only a few months, but the impact she has had on it is undeniable. Infused with energy and a vivacious attitude, Jackie’s strong belief in equity and magnifying the student’s voice make her a good fit in our department. She is eager to learn all the intricacies of the accommodation process. She brings a varied background in the health sciences to our department and shows that she is more than just a competent accessibility advisor, but an asset to this college with great promise. Jackie, you are undoubtedly part of our team and we are happy to have you.


Javier Gamarra, Technician I, Financial Aid -

  • I am a ESL returning student, I want to proceed with my general studies. I don't know to much about credit side. I was referred to West Valley to fill out my FAFSA. It was great because I found there Javier Gamarra, he helped me in my own language guided me step by step to complete by application. I qualify !!! I am very excited to start in the summer semester Javier has a lot of patience to help, It is nice that college has this kind of employees who care about the students and willing to help us to overcome our challenges.


Jeff Derbidge, Facilities Supervisor 2, Facilities Custodial -

  • Jeff goes beyond his job duties to help his co-workers and his employees. Jeff strives to improve the Custodial Department in many different ways. Jeff brings new ideas to the department and supports the employees to achieve more for themselves in their everyday lives. Jeff supports and gives options to the Maintenance Manager (me) in all my decisions and ideas to better run the department in a more effective and efficient manner. Jeff have worked for the Custodial department for 20 years and has never asked for anything for himself just given to the college. I could not ask for a better Supervisor and have had the privilege to work with him for so many years. Jeff has a superior reputation in other departments, do to his respect for other people and has held it for many years. Our department is always behind the scenes do to the nature of our department, but Jeff needs to be recognize for his years of dedication and support to the college. Thank you, David Earl


Jeni Miller, Technician 3, Student Loans & Receivables -

  • She has shown dedication and hard work in the department. She is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Her work ethics and the multi tasking she does on a daily basis is why she is deserving of recognition.


*Jennifer Benally, Advisor 2, Student Employment & CO-OP -

  • I appreciate Jennifer's efforts modeling partnerships with other departments. She is a great addition to the Career Services team.


Jessica Salazar, Food Service Worker V, Food Service South -

  • Jessica always has a happy face, and knows everyone by name. She has a great relationship with everyone, and is always happy to help out. She works super hard both as a student, and staff. She's a real trouper!


Jewly Harris, Advisor 2, Academic Advising -

  • Jewly is the best co-worker one could wish for. She is fun, effervescent, knowledgeable with technology and systems, and extremely patient in assisting old men who try her patience. She is constantly busy and forever looking at new ways to present information for students and other advisors to better understand. Thank you, Jewly for making the office an enjoyable place to come to every day. Thank you!



Jody Katz, Advisor II, Disability Resource Center -

  • Jody Katz has such a vast knowledge of understanding and sizeable experiential reservoir when it comes to working alongside, with, and for people with disabilities. It helps one understand that we only employ the best of the best here at Salt Lake Community College. Whether it is working with students with disabilities in a transitional environment, or helping individuals refine communication skills, find employment, advocate for themselves, gain further education, discover further enjoyment in life, or simply improving a person’s outlook on life, Jody Katz has done all of these things for and with people with disabilities. As she has worked for the college, I have come to appreciate her perspective, her drive for empowerment and progression, and her willingness to dig in her heels when she does not feel right about a situation. She is willing to lend her perspective when I need to understand a situation more objectively. She is a consummate professional who could choose to use her talents in a variety of setting, and yet, she willfully chooses Salt Lake Community College as that place where she uses her time and talents. What a remarkable credit to humanity.


Joe Chavis, Specialist I, Disability Resource Center -

  • Joe Chavis is our exams coordinator. I value Joe for the composure he has and his willingness to ensure each test taker has the exam they need in the proper environment when it is time to take the exam. He coordinates with other test taking entities in the college to make sure accommodation needs are met. I have never seen him lose any sense of patience with anyone who has worked with here at the college, whether student or employee. Joe is a strong member of our team and does what he can and what we ask of him. And he does it all while attending nursing school. It is incredibly commendable. Joe embodies the slogan of the armed forces in which he served. Joe is Army Strong, and everyone on our team is strong as result. Many thanks Joe!


*Joselyn Nelson, Specialist III, Prospective Students -

  • Joselyn Nelson worked with my son and helped him attend Class now he is enrolled in concurrent enrollment thanks to her encouragement , he has a brighter future.
  • I am a Coordinator with Granite Peaks Lifelong Learning Hunter Campus. Joselyn comes out to my location about once every other month to help our High School graduates potentially transition to SLCC. She is eager to help any student in need of assistance and be a listening ear along the way. It is an honor and privilege to work with her.


Katie Probert, Specialist III, Copy Center -

  • Katie has worked in customer service in both the Copy Kiosk in the Student Center and currently in the main print center located in the ATC Building. She has developed great customer service skills and is always there for the customer helping them with solutions for their projects. Katie is instrumental in training new customer service employees, going over all the details, in's and out's of what a customer service representative needs to know. We are lucky to have Katie working at Printing Services!


Kendra Angell, Asst Director 3, Development Office -

  • Kendra schedules, organizes and holds our retirement seminars for the Planned Giving Advisory Committee in addition to all of her other duties. The seminars have been so informative and help people understand how to maximize their ability to retire. She is cheerful and upbeat with all of us. She cares about our team and about doing good work for the College. Kendra has introduced us to many new donors and always follows through with great care and detail. She's been a wonderful addition to our team and we are grateful for all she does.




Kevin Springer, Advisor 2, Student Employment & CO-OP -

  • I appreciate his willingness to cover a weekend assignment at West Valley Center. Kevin is sociable with a good sense of humor, respected by Program Advisory Committee members, and knowledgeable on job opportunities for the students. His bilingual skills are appreciated in particular by Latino students developing their English language skills.


Laura Moore, Administrative Asst. II, Development Office -

  • I started working at SLCC on February 1st and Laura has just been exceptional. She has went above and beyond to help make my transition here nearly effortless. She always has a positive attitude and I believe is an extremely important asset to Salt Lake Community College. We are lucky to have her!


Lee Martinez, Advisor 2, Academic Advising -

  • Lee shared an e-mail he received from a student, which I think more than exemplifies what he does to make SLCC a better place to learn and work. Here are some excerpts from the e-mail: "Good evening Lee, I am applying for the Provost Excellence Graduation award for both General Studies and also Legal Studies. It says if I get picked, I am to invite a faculty member who most influenced and supported my education to accompany me to the special luncheon on April 16th. I would be honored if you would hold that date (if available) to attend with me. ... you have worn so many hats in helping my education, state assistance and always make me feel important and encouraged. Will you let me know if your free that day? I am not saying I'm going to get this award, but if I do I want to make sure you could come. Thanks so much Lee," This is a great example of the service Lee generally provides to his students.


Lucy Smith, Coordinator 3, Office of Learning Advancement -

  • Lucy is the Engaged Learning Coordinator and as such has responsibility for both the study abroad and service-learning programs. Lucy is passionate, hard-working, dedicated, innovative, and a delight to work with and be around. Even when she is short-staffed, she still manages to go above and beyond. Lucy makes everything more fun.


Luz Gamarra, Coordinator 2, Multi Cultural Center -

  • In my previous experiences with academic advisors, I haven't had an academic advisor that genuinely cared about students like Luz Gamarra. As a first generation and student of color it has been difficult trying to figure out the academic system all by myself. However, Luz Gamarra opened up the door of opportunity and has been one of the greatest influential faculty members that has motivated me, encouraged me, and guided me to succeed. She has been so supportive in my education and has provided a safe place for me to come too. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have met her. Thank you Luz Gamarra for your dedication, and for believing in me. I really appreciate it more than you’ll see on this side of heaven. Because of all your hard work and guidance I grew as a person, changed the course of my family to pursue higher education, and have won many scholarships and recognitions. Thank you once again for your labor of love, and I am so glad that now you are seeing the fruits of that labor continue to change lives and generations.
  • Luz Gamarra is a mentor for the whole Amigos Mentores program. As a leader, she has helped many students to achieve many of their goals and provided them with support and guidance to anything she has. she dedicates all of her time to the program making sure that the students have all that is available to them and anything that could benefit them. weekends late nights she goes above and beyond for the students at slcc .




Margarita Fierro, Specialist II, Student Services Offsite -

  • Margarita has been such a delightful addition to WVC. She's always so sweet and happy to help others. She's been such a big help to our department in getting us to be more well-known at WVC. I appreciate all her ideas and efforts and think she is a wonderful person and employee. Margarita deserves to be recognized for being what we all should be, enthusiastic and always thinking of creative ways to get more students involved in what SLCC has to offer.


*Misty Woods, Specialist, Registration -

  • Misty is awesome when handling incoming phone calls. Time after time I have observed her in action where she rather than giving up on or getting upset over difficult students or callers, she patiently listens and explains directions and procedures to assist the caller (sometimes over and over again - at times 3 or 4 times or more). You cannot tell that she gets frustrated or angry with a caller. Her voice remains even and calm and she can stay as cool as a cucumber! She is an important member and great asset to our team!


Nancy Giraldo, Advisor 3, First Year Experience -

  • I want to express my appreciation for your outstanding working relationship with Jennifer Benally, Career Advisor, at Jordan Campus. Both departments are contributing to the success of our students by referring to each other services. I also appreciate the inclusion of Jennifer in classroom presentations and FYE Orientations.


Nate Chrysler, Specialist II, ID Center -

  • Nate went above and beyond to help me a few weeks ago. I had an after-hours event, and there had been some miscommunciation about how the room was going to be set up. He made sure to call folks, and personally helped me get a few extra tables in the room. He was so friendly, and helped to make the event run smoothly. Every time I've had a question for him, he has been amazing.


Rebecca Schumann, Administrative Asst. I, Academic Advising -

  • Rebecca is such a bright light to have in our office. You can tell she cares deeply about building meaningful relationships with our team and constantly takes it upon herself to find ways to make everyone feel valued.


Renee Scheering, Advisor 2, Academic Advising -

  • Renee recently volunteered to help develop a much needed training for our department and she was able to provide insight for different ways that a software is used in our department. With the many roles our advisors fill, Renee is always ready to collaborate to find better ways for us to communicate and I appreciate her willingness to always share her thoughts.


Ryan Weierman, Specialist III, Information Technology -

  • Ryan went the extra mile on last-minute notice to make it possible for the College Store to meet our obligations at a poetry reading/book signing at South Campus. He put aside current projects he was working on to help develop a solution to an ongoing problem at South City. Because of Ryan, we were not only able to perform our duties but we were able to serve SLCC students, faculty and community members with a high degree of satisfaction. THANK YOU, RYAN!


*Sonia Parker, Director, Student Employment & CO-OP -

  • I want you to know that the love that Sonia gives to others is unlike any other. Her actions inspire and have changed the direction of people's lives for the better. Thanks to Sonia the world is a better place.


Sam Hall, Infrastructure Specialist II, Information Technology -

  • Sam Hall is one of the many unsung heroes within the Disability Resource Center. He executes his job responsibilities without pomp and circumstance. Sam makes sure students know how to use any number of assistive technology devices we have within the department well enough to put them to use for learning and enrichment. He also oversees the monumental task of coordinating note-taking services over at the South City Campus. His good customer service never fails and he is relentless in finding another note taker for a class if a previously assigned one does not work out. He additionally scribes for students receiving services in our department, covers the front desk, scans textbooks, and does whatever else we need him to do. He manages to do this all with his laid back signature Sam style. It brings a smile to our face and brings us great joy. Thanks Sam.


Samual Curley, Advisor 2, Academic Advising -

  • Sam recently volunteered to develop a new training that we have been needing for the department since the launch of a new technology. He overcame multiple challenges getting the information he needed and created something that will not only be helpful for our current advisors but that we can also add to our new advisor training. Sam was able to take a problem that was slightly ambiguous and find a solution that was useful and concrete.


Sandy Aeschilman, Specialist II, Regional Administration -

  • Sandy swiftly responded to a classroom emergency where a faculty member was having heart problems. While another employee were helping in the classroom she ran throughout the different floors of the Technology Building searching for an AED machine. She helped address the needs of this situation with courtesy and professionalism.


Shelby Hernandez, Specialist II, Staff Development -

  • Shelby is so helpful and wonderful to work with. She has helped me so much especially with welcoming visitor and staff to the Professional Development Center. She is patient, reliable and she makes my job a lot less stressful. I can always count on her to complete her tasks on time with little or no supervision. She is A SUPER STAFF STAR!
  • Shelby is a super star!!!!! She is a full-time student and a part-time employee! She takes the bus, then Frontrunner, then the bus again to get to SLCC, and she comes into the office with a friendly smile! She is busy, busy, busy all day, getting all of the tasks done for all of us in the Professional Development Center. She greets all of the employees professionally, and with a friendly smile. She is a hard worker, and dedicated to our team, all while studying hard and getting straight A's, so she can get her AS Degree and transfer to a university! Thank you Shelby for being the outstanding person you are!


Shiow-Mei Lake, Specialist 2, Regional Administration -

  • Shiow-Mei swiftly responded to a classroom emergency where a faculty member was having heart problems. She attended to the needs of the faculty, the students, and even stayed after everyone had cleared to clean and rearrange the classroom furniture in preparation for the next classes. She handled this situation with courtesy and professionalism.


Tyler Hall, Director, Contact Center -

  • Tyler is a great example of an amazing SLCC employee. He is always smiling and with a positive attitude making everyone feel welcome.



Tyler Hendrickson, Technician 3, SAT Assessment -

  • Since my first day in Testing Services at Salt Lake Community College's South City Campus this past December, I have been impressed by Tyler Hendrickson's excellence.  As the individual who trained me, Tyler kept a perfect balance of providing instruction and allowing space for personal learning experience. He was both patient and kind, while still promoting an appreciation for the brevity of ensuring that all students' tests were accurately administered. With a 17-year history at SLCC, Tyler has acquired an extensive knowledge of policies, procedures, and the people who make South City the fine campus that it is. The few times when he hasn't known the answer to a specific question I had, he has directed me to the person or site where I can discover it myself. Tyler is a great example to me in how he interacts with the students here. He takes great pains to ensure that students understand their options and the consequences of their decisions. He is always quick to drop whatever he is doing to assist a student in need and has taught me some useful ideas for tactfully turning negative situations into positive ones. Working alongside Tyler Hendrickson is a joy. He consistently demonstrates his concern for me as a fellow employee and as an individual. He has praised me for my strengths and helped me feel like what I do for the educational system matters. As a an alumni of SLCC, I've had the pleasure of interacting with a multitude of students, staff, and faculty members who genuinely care about excellence. However, with Tyler, I still feel that I won the co-worker lottery!


Vince Johnson, Architect, Facilities Architects -

  • Vince is an employee that makes an impact on the College over and over. He is a big picture thinker that takes the time to sort through problems, leading College departments to innovative solutions for their space needs. His work finds improved ways for spaces to function, and better serve our students. We are so glad he is a part of our team!


Zach Zitterkopf, Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology -

  • Zach assisted the Student Association with elections and did a phenomenal job. He was on top of everything we asked him to do - no complaints, no delays, no problems! He was patient with us when we kept bugging him nonstop with elections questions, changes, and glitches. We're so grateful for Zach!
  • Zach is ALWAYS there to be a helping hand, give sound advice, and share his knowledge and expertise with you. I have worked with him on several projects, large and tiny and have a greater understanding of the processes and technology being used/tested then I did researching on my own. I look forward to more team work with him in the future. Danke Herr Zitterkopf, dass Sie immer für mich und meine Abteilung da sind. Sie sind wirklich einzigartig und dieses College ist unglaublich glücklich, Sie hier zu haben.