Staff Stars

May 2018 Staff Stars:

(*) May prize winners:  Brandon Stotts-Nay, Otis Sperry, Rochelle Smits, Sandy Aeschilman, Tisa Fortune


Here are partial comments from this month’s Staff Star submissions:

*Brandon Stotts-Nay, Administrative Asst. I, Human Resources –

  • Brandon I love your smile and your willingness to help me figure problems out. Your great about thinking outside of the box and can see things from many points of view. Your suggestions are always extremely helpful and I enjoy working with you. Thank you for all you do here at SLCC.
  • Brandon has done an amazing job of jumping right in to his position with both feet and establishing organization and structure. He has really helped our Director by taking on several projects so she can focus on the big stuff and has worked to improve many of our Benefit processes. He is always willing to help employees and will spend one on one time with someone until their questions are answered. His positive attitude and dedication to his job is an example to all of us. Not sure how our department ever survived without him.


David Brower, Coordinator 3, Scheduling & Academic Sup. Serv. –

  • I'm an immigrant. Because English is not my native language, sometimes my way of speaking, logic, and culture causes misunderstandings. I am lucky to know David, once when I lost my confidence he comforted and encouraged me at the same time he told me a sentence with wisdom and philosophy. Afterward, whenever I encounter setbacks in my work I use what he told me to encourage myself. Thank You David.


Emily Barnes, Administrative Asst. I, Office of Learning Advancement –

  • I appreciate all of the great work you do to keep so many things running smoothly!


Heather Jonassen, Specialist 3, Financial Aid –

  • Heather is always a life saver whenever our department is in need of her help. She is extremely kind, professional and incredibly skilled at her job. There have been several instances when our office has needed complex information in a short amount of time and she has always delivered on time and her work is consistently splendid. She is dedicated to our students and she makes SLCC a better place with her amazing attitude and great attention to detail. Thank you very much for being such a reliable resource to our college.


Jamie Bird, Specialist 2, Disability Resource Center –

  • Jamie has taken the lead on extra projects to support the work of the Testing & Assessment Re-alignment CWT. She contacted sixteen schools to gather information about how they structure testing services, and also helped put our testing utilization data into a more usable format. She has maintained a positive attitude in light of upcoming changes that will impact her areas of responsibility. I really appreciate her willingness to go above and beyond to help support the work of the CWT!


Jody Katz, Advisor II, Disability Resource Center –

  • Jody has really gone above and beyond in helping the school be inclusive. Not only does she provide training to faculty, but she is constantly helping to organize events to help with understanding those with disabilities and their perspective. Jody truly cares about underrepresented students at SLCC and she will go out of her way to make sure that they feel included. She's amazing!
  • Jody facilitated an excellent artist panel discussion for the TURN City Art Exhibit. She navigated the panel with a lot of thought and care. I learned so much about the ways people with disabilities use art as an expression of who they are!


Joselyn Nelson, Specialist III, Prospective Students –

  • Has come and visited with my student about concurrent enrollment varies time. She has also come and invited all my classes to the workshops that are held at SLCC west valley center campus. I have know her for 2 yrs and she is a great and knowledgeable person about SLCC and the programs they offer.


Kirstin Hoyt, Administrative Asst. I, Disability Resource Center –

  • Kirstin has been taking on a lot of extra assignments to support the work of the Testing & Assessment Re-alignment CWT. She never complains about the extra work, and maintains a positive attitude in her approach to these assignments. I really appreciate her ability to get things done, and to help me stay organized. She definitely helped the CWT run smoothly.


Marianne Buie, Administrative Asst. III, Government & Community Relat. VP –

  • I recently attended a training out of state and Marianne prepared traveling folders for us. She made our trip there so much better from beginning to end. I showed her folder to a director from BYU because she was on the same flight leaving and she didn’t have the info at hand. I did with my folder. She said she needs someone like Marianne in her office. We are lucky to have her be part of our division!!!


Mike Clausing, Specialist III, Disability Resource Center –

  • Mike has taken the time to keep the surplus under control and up to date for all the campuses that house the DRC Department. He is quick to complete tasks, and keeps the DRC Lab at the Redwood Campus in good spirits. He decoratese and hangs decorations for different seasons and keeps a smile on his face. He is always willing to help everyone, and is a good listener to everyone. He knows everyone he sees by name and makes sure they know how important they are. He has been an inspiration and cheerleader for our department, and we always look forward to his treats that he shares. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO MIKE!!!!


Mikel Birch, Director, Risk Management –

  • Mikel is an excellent and informative reference for contract content and reviews. But for me, her ability and willingness to stop and help a colleague in need to create verbiage (many times very late in the day) in unusual and/or complex situations, sometimes at the drop of a hat, makes her not only an OUTSTANDING representative of helpfulness but a highly-valued one as well. This type of assistance means a lot and I want to thank you very much!


Mindy Monson, Desktop Support Tech I, Information Technology –

  • Mindy is so helpful and kind. She made two trips to my office to take care of my computer needs just to fit my schedule...with a great attitude. She solved all of my problems quickly and accurately. I know I can call on Mindy at any time and get great service.


Nicole Legarrata, Licensed Clinical Social Wkr, Ctr for Healt & Counseling –

  • Nicole goes the extra mile to make sure she is providing quality services to our students. If a student presents with a unique problem, Nicole takes the time to educate herself about the problem, consult with colleagues, and even learn entirely new treatment protocols to make herself a more effective therapist. Since she started, it seems that she has handled more than her fair share of the crises that have happened at our clinic; yet she does so in a calm and rational manner. Her years of varied social work experience and ability to think things through are an asset to the rest of our team, as we consult and collaborate with her.



*Otis Sperry, IT Lab Aide II, Information Technology –

  • We were having some technical issues with some computers which were having a negative impact on student learning. Otis was able quickly address the situation and resolve the problem. He was fast, efficient, cordial, and amazing to work with. Otis also provided immediate updates on the progress of the issue and follow up when it was complete.


Robby Cloward, Journey Carpenter, Facilities Carpenters –

  • Robby does a great job taking care of our Facilities at Miller Campus. He is a team player. He jumped in last minute when help was needed and did the heavy lifting. Thank you, Robby!


*Rochelle Smits, Asst. Director 3, Institutional Research –

  • Rochelle your willingness to go above and beyond to help Institutional Marketing & Communication with a last minute request helped us reach out to scholarship students just prior to Commencement. Thank you for your quick and precise communication.


Sam Martinez, Manager 2, Facilities Office –

  • Sam is a team player, that is always willing to help out to get the job done. He jumped in last minute when help was needed and did the heavy lifting. He does an amazing job taking care of our Facilities at Miller Campus. Thank you, Sam!


*Sandy Aeschilman, Specialist II, Regional Administration –

  • While the numbers have been changed in the Technology Building and signs are replaced with paper numbers, the elevators has not been changed, Sandy took great initiative to label the elevators with the proper floor number changes to help students, staff and faculty find the right locations. This helped to empower those individuals find their way. Thanks Sandy!
  • Whenever I speak to her she is very helpful and pleasant.


Tiffany Sheth, Administrative Asst. I, Div of Mgmt, Mktg, & Legal Studies –

  • Tiffany sees what needs to be done and takes care of it without being asked. Any task she is assigned, she takes the initiative to improve on the task or system to make it better than it ever has been done before. She thinks of little details that will add polish to every project. During the School of Business Jam Session, on April 27, she took the lead and made sure every detail for the event was implemented. She is a great office administrative assistant. She is a team player, who takes care of the needs of all the faculty members and is willing to step in and help to support the other administrative staff in the School of Business. She does everything with a smile on her face and with a great sense of humor. She is very deserving of recognition for her efforts.


*Tisa Fortune, Child Care Provider II, Asst VP, Stu Life & Dean of Stu -

  • She is always going the extra mile to make sure her students are happy. She is also a person that her coworkers can turn to when they need help because of her experience in the field.