Staff Stars

December 2017 Staff Stars:

(*) December prize winners: Brooke Collins, Gisselle Castro, Kevin Hammond, Sithideth Sopraseuth, Tien Pham


Here are partial comments from this month’s Staff Star submissions:

Allison Putnam, Specialist 1, SAT Enrollment Services 

  • Allison is always so friendly to students, staff, faculty and visitors. She has been with the college for 14 years and has a wealth of knowledge which she is always ready to share when asked. She is very involved with the Peers program and enjoys these students and the experience of working with them. Allison is open to new challenges and new learning experiences. She is truly an anchor in the department. Thanks, Allison for all you do.


    Amanda Hughes, Custodian III, Facilities Custodial Redwood 

  • Amanda is a very hard worker and is always willing to above and beyond the expectations of her position. It would be hard to do what we do without her.


    Amber Jentzsch, Secretary III, Disability Resource Center 

  • I want to thank Amber for always being more than willing to help with testing. She has been there for me when we needed testing coverage and staying after hours to assist student’s needs, by leaning how our testing desk operates. I appreciate all she does for the DRC and think she is a great asset. Over the past few months I have noticed how well rounded Amber is in our Department and just want to thank her for being willing to learn multiple areas on how our department serves our students. She does a lot of great work and I appreciate it a lot.


    Anjali Pai, Director, Staff Development 

  • Anjali shines brightly. When I work with Anjali, I know that she will bring her best thinking, actively seek to align initiatives with the mission and the goals of the College, respect the work and thoughts of her colleagues, and reach across divisions to collaborate and build consensus. She does it all with intelligence and a sense of humor. Three cheers for Anjali!


    *Brook Collins, Specialist, Academic Advising 

  • Brook offers the best customer service. She always welcomes students to the office and helps them feel comfortable and assures them that their needs are important.


    Cami Knapp, Specialist 3, Academic Advising 

  • Cami is wonderful at keeping our office organized! She goes out of her way to keep things neat and tidy and can find anything we need in just a second or two. Recently I was making folders for new students. Cami not only found the folders I needed, but she gave me some adorable Bruin stickers to make the folders cute and appealing for all types of new students. She routinely goes above and beyond to keep the staff happy and stocked with all the supplies we need. One thing I really enjoy is the snack bag she makes for each advisor at the beginning of each semester - it keeps us hydrated and fed during the first busy days of the term. Cami is always thoughtful and considerate. I believe she exemplifies the values of Student Services in all ways.


    Carol Clawson, Administrative Asst. I, Div. of Health Professions 

  • Carol always goes out of her way on holidays to decorate the Dean's office and Division office with her own holiday décor. She also was instrumental in the design and the décor for the end-of-semester Holiday Party which was a success due to her leadership. Thank you Carol for sharing with the College!


    Carroll Glidden, Specialist, ID Center 

  • Great listener and willing to get his hands dirty and help the student.


    Chris Lacombe, College General Counsel, Government & Community Rela VP 

  • Chris Lacombe was SLCC's AAG for a few years and did an amazing job. He is now SLCC's General Counsel. He is extremely professional but very personable. Instead of staying in his office and making phone calls all day he makes it a point to visit SLCC employees in person. He feels it is important to have that personable 1x1 conversation that is so important in today's working environment. Chris is very thorough and detailed in all of his assignments. He has an open door policy that everyone appreciates. Chris always has an interesting story to tell. It is always fun to have a conversation with him. When you run into Chris just ask him about what sports he enjoys, where he has traveled, and really just about anything. He is extremely friendly and fun to work with.

    Thanks Chris for all your hard work!


    Dave Jones, Manager 1, Institutional Marketing 

  • Dave Jones is one of the kindest, smartest humans on this planet. He may use large words and obscure references, but he is happy to explain them to you, thus, after every interaction with him you walk away smarter than you were when you started. He is a great marketing manager who cares about his partners and takes time to understand their needs. SLCC is lucky to have him.


    Debbie Patten, Specialist 3, Corporate Solutions 

  • Over the past couple of months our team has been shorthanded and Debbie has stepped up big time. Her workload has nearly double, but that has not dampened her spirit, her commitment or her attitude! She always has a smile on her face, never complains and always gets the job done. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Without her continued commitment and dedication, I hate to think where our team would be. She truly has been and always is a Star!


    Emily Barnes, Administrative Asst. I, Office of Learning Advancement 

  • I needed assistance finding a Word forms the faculty needed. She was quick to direct me to where to find the documents right away.


    Eric Christensen, Specialist II, Student Services Offsite 

  • Eric continually looks for ways where he can streamline our processes at student services to help the front desk run smoothly and help our students more efficiently. He is a valuable person to work with, is very knowledgeable in all the frontline processes, and has been instrumental to me, as I have learned the responsibilities of my new position. He works hard and is always willing to do what needs to be done.


    Erin Parkin, Interpreter III, Disability Resource Center 

  • Erin is a wonderful addition to our ASL Interpreting staff. This semester she had a particularly difficult schedule, and she did a fantastic job managing all of the demands placed on her. She also provided great mentoring and support for an intern. I am constantly impressed by her work ethic and dedication to our field. We are lucky to have her!


    Ermina Mustafic, Secretary II, Div of Cmptr Sci & Info Sys 

  • Ermina is the Secretary for the Division of Computer Science and Information Systems and is always helpful for faculty, students and Academic Advisors, in addition to begin a big help to Teerah Lopez. Ermina is a quick leaner and readily helps Teerah with all that needs to be done in the office and for the Division. They make a great team together, though each is strong in her own write. Ermina is always a big help to all who need her assistance which she provides with a big smile and great attitude. We are really lucky to have Ermina working with the School of Business and in particular with the Division of Computer Science and Information Systems.


    Francescia Paxton, Interpreter III, Disability Resource Center 

  • This semester, Francescia has been mentoring an intern. I recently received this feedback and had to pass it along! "Working with Francescia has been wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. She was beyond helpful and willing to work with me when ever I needed it. She met with me on numerous occasions to give me feedback and encouragement through out this process. I feel much better equipped to work in this field because of her. I honestly cannot say enough how thankful I am to have her as my mentor."


    *Gisselle Castro, Specialist III, Prospective Students 

  • Gisselle is a beautiful person inside and out. She works so hard as an Gear Up Advisor stationed at Taylorsville High School. She loves her students and her students love her. She goes the extra mile for her students and does whatever it takes for them to be successful. She is a dedicated and motivated woman, who is passionate when it comes to education. Gisselle is one with her students or anyone she meets takes them by the hand, opens their minds and touches their hearts. I know she had touched mine and I'm ever so grateful I was able to work with her.


    Kamal Bewar, Coordinator 2, Multi Cultural Center 

  • Kamal is very genuine. My time with Kamal has been very short but yet impactful. He has a way of cheering those around him up when others seem to be having a hard day. He is a person that thinks of others before himself and understands the position of serving others as a priority rather than optional. He is a great team player as I see both students and co-workers gravitate to him. It has been a pleasure serving alongside as well as learning from Kamal.


    Keenan Adcock, Coordinator 2, eLearning 

  • Keenan was amazing, as always. Awesome and fast. Keenan and Maryanne are always on point and ready to help us. Thank you! Keenan is amazing. I love working with him. He is a pleasure. Keenan was patient, understanding, and very knowledgeable with what I needed done. Keenan gave me instant access to the course I needed in Canvas. His quick response was essential for a tenure review of a faculty fellow. speedy! quick resolution. Thanks! That man is a miracle! Keenan was very helpful and initiated several communications until it was solved. Thank. Keenan is so easy to work with. He knows what questions to ask to get to the heart of the problem and he is resourceful in finding answers. Thanks!


    Ken Scott, Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology 

  • Ken Scott is an unsung hero here at Salt Lake Community College as he works tirelessly to keep many vital banner processes used by both students and Student Affairs staff running smoothly. Whenever a change is made to policy or procedure involving student admissions and records, Ken is likely to be involved in ensuring that the technical processes are updated to accurately reflect the process or procedure change. He patiently works with student affairs staff members on banner project specifications to ensure that all involved understand all of the ramifications of the proposed changes. His years of experience with our software here at SLCC give him a perspective that few others here have, and his advice is invaluable in assisting with decisions that involve multiple varied departments and how changes will affect current practices in other departments. Ken is quick to respond to questions and reports of technical problems relating to the many banner processes that keep student admissions, registration, and records running smoothly and accurately. He quickly works out bugs in the system and patiently teaches others how to avoid problems with our processes. Without his support, (and the support of all of our Information Technology staff, I might add), all of our work here would be much more difficult and stressful, if not impossible. Thank you Ken for all that you do!


    *Kevin Hammond, Specialist I, eLearning 

  • Thank you, Kevin Hammond! Your response was very fast and extremely helpful! Kevin's fantastic! Very easy to work with and helpful with all my questions. Very patient and clear Great help. Thank you Kevin. (You should get a raise.) Quick response helped me to know what to do!`


    Luz Gamarra, Coordinator 2, Multi Cultural Center 

  • In my opinion and from what I have seen from what I have heard from other people, Luz Gamarra is an excellent advisor for many students of any ethnicity, Luz Gamarra as a professional is at a very high level, she is very charitable and knows how to help regardless of race, language or age. Luz Gamarra always has the doors of her office open and she takes the time to explain and help anyone who needs it, always from early to late, she is the most generous, intelligent and human person I have ever met.


    Marilee Burningham, Technician II, Copy Center 

  • Come rain or shine, hell or high water, Lee goes above and beyond for every customer and all the members of her team. Lee bridges the gap between customer knowledge and aids production in excelling our customers' expectations.


    Maryanne Tye, Coordinator 2, eLearning 

  • The task was accomplished accurately and very quickly. The turn-around time was commendable. Additionally, when Maryanne had a question, she called and resolved the issue. I am very happy with the service that was provided.


    Matt Baxter, Analyst I, Institutional Research 

  • Matt spent an entire week helping me get the data I needed to answer an important enrollment question. I kept returning to him again and again, asking for different permutations of student enrollment numbers to try to understand what was happening. I know it must have been so frustrating to have me over his shoulder while he was working, but he was always cheerful, and always willing to write just one more version of his SQL code to get a slightly different slice of the student population. Thanks, Matt!


    McKenzi Wilde, Specialist II, Student Services Offsite 

  • Mckenzi is always willing to help-out and goes beyond to help students navigate their way around campus. She is always willing to learn about services that will help students succeed. She is cross-trained in two different departments and can easily move between each area when needed, and is a valuable member of our team.


    Pat Wolff, Specialist II, ID Center 

  • Pat demonstrates a positive attitude and is willing to do what needs to be done; her willingness to learn new processes has been invaluable as we work towards cross-training our frontline staff as a way to help our students more effectively.


    Patrick Chaffos, Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology 

  • Patrick is an incredible resource for the International Student Affairs office. He is always available to help us with our student management systems and any other computer questions we may have. We appreciate his hardwork and positive demeanor!


    Ray Robbs, Groundskeeper I, Facilities Grounds 

  • Ray has been a great asset to our staff, Ray is a highly dependable, always the first person to the shop every morning, rain, snow, or shine. He fulfills many roles in creating such a beautiful campus for our students, faculty, and staff to enjoy, including snow removal, mowing, assisting with the sports fields, and pruning our trees, fertilizing and aerating and MANY other things. Ray takes pride in his work, and is eager to help anyone in need. Ray consistently creates a great working atmosphere with his sense of humor and general demeanor. Ray is always at the forefront of assessing additional safety needs and requirements. We are lucky to work with you Ray! Thanks for all you do!!!!


    Rosie Summerhays, Manager III, SAT Assessment 

  • Rosie always goes above and beyond to come up with solutions when problems arise. For example, there was a CNA Knowledge(Written) examinee that had difficulties with the functionality of her test while she was taking it. Basically she was unable to retrieve answers that were bookmarked for review, so Rosie logged her out and tried logging her back in to remedy the situation, but there became a connectivity issue with this examinee's test. Because of this Rosie offered this examinee the option, that if she didn't pass Rosie would make sure that she was able to retest at no cost, plus accommodate any testing time, day, night and/or weekend to make sure that this examinee would get tested. Rosie is a true example of Leadership and is always putting the students or outside examinees needs first.


    Sam Curley, Advisor 2, Academic Advising 

  • Sam has great team spirit! He is always willing to assist his colleagues with additional training. Sam has a sweet disposition. He is consisted of keeping a positive attitude. It a pleasure working with such intelligent and kind person, Sam. Students, employers, and his colleagues respect him and his abilities. Sam deserves this aware because he treats everyone with the utmost respect.


    Sidney Brown, Advisor 3, Academic Advising 

  • Sidney is the Lead Program Advisor, in addition to the leadership responsibilities that are part of her position, she is consistently willing to initiate and take on departmental projects above and beyond. As a member of two of our departmental committees- Training Committee and Data Integrity Unit, she has done a great job providing a critical eye to issues that relate to both. In particular, I would like to thank her for taking on the tedious but essential job of updating our training on the completion of Satisfactory Academic Progress and Maximum Time Frame Appeals. This is a challenging and imperative responsibility of Program, and other, Advisors. Successfully, completing these appeals for students contributes to their ability to stay in college and successfully complete their course of study. The collaboration between Advising and the Financial Aid Office enable us to assist in meeting federal requirements. As such, this is a fundamental part of Advisor Training. In addition, managing appropriate storage of the documentation is also important. Sidney has served as a great bridge between the two committees to see that both aspects of this project have been met. She took on one of the more challenging tasks and has done a wonderful job of getting it successfully completed. Thanks Sidney for this and all the great work you do!


    *Sithideth Sopraseuth, Technician 3, Distribution 

  • I had placed an order that we needed to receive no later than December 5th. I made several phone calls and emails to the merchant in hopes to put a rush on the order. It finally shipped and was expected to be delivered on the 4th. I reached out to Sithideth and asked if there was anyway possible he could arrange for this to be delivered to my department when it arrived. No questions asked, as soon as it was received he sent it my way. I want him to know how much I appreciated his efforts, and what a huge weight that had been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks for being awesome!


    Stacey Case, Advisor 2, Admissions 

  • Stacey is very thoughtful! She has been very instrumental in creating an atmosphere of love, joy, and FUN!. She is what I would call the spirit of student affairs. She is constantly finding ways to improve our climate here at the college and making subtle but yet impactful changes to enhance the student life experience for both Colleagues and students. She is always a joy to be around and its what this college needs.


    Susan Fazio, Specialist II, Div. of Health Professions 

  • Susan went above and beyond to complete a 1,000 page accreditation document for the Dental Hygiene program by the due date spending extra hours beyond a normal work day to assure its completion. Thank you Susan for going above and beyond.


    Tasha Day, Specialist III, Prospective Students 

  • Tasha is one amazing coworker! She is dedicated to everything she does! She always shows up with a smile on her face ready to tackle whatever is in front of her. She is willing to help wherever and whenever she can. I have loved working along side her with the many Gear Up events we have had and she is always so pleasant. She is not only a dedicated coworker but a student as well. I remember the first time she came to my office not sure of what she wanted to do and if she could do school. After learning of her remarkable story, she left my office with a confidence and excitement I'll never forget. She influenced my life and she taught me we can do and accomplish hard things in life and no barrier or obstacle needs to stop us from pursuing our dreams. I'm thankful for her example!


    Teerah Lopez, Administrative Asst. I, Div. of Cmptr Sci & Infor Sys 

  • As the Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Teerah assists will all that is necessary around the office from her role as support for the Associate Dean, managing the divisions budgets, faculty contracts, ordering supplies and managing inventory, curriculum processing for review, updating catalog review as well as answering phone calls and emails from students. Additionally, Teerah is always available for faculty and Academic Advisors and is a big help. And she always manages to do all of this and more while appearing she's not too busy to help. We are really lucky to have Teerah working with the School of Business and in particular with the Division of Computer Science and Information Systems.


    *Tien Pham, Advisor 2, Academic Advising 

  • Tien is very helpful with advising students and peers and is very resourceful with offering contacts for projects. He is well known in the Asian community and have a vast outreach which helped our department to celebrate International Week. Thank you Tien!


    Tohi Angilau, Specialist III, First Year Experience 

  • Tohi is an amazing Advisor for our First Year Gear Up students. I have enjoyed working with him over these few years and have learned so much from him. He is dedicated to his students and does whatever is necessary to meet their needs. He is always willing to go above and beyond for not only his students, but all those he works with and he does it with the greatest and biggest smile on his face. He is always so adaptive to change and goes with the flow. One of the many great things about Tohi is he is a quiet leader, one who doesn't want the recognition but he deserves all the recognition. I'm grateful for his example and friendship!


    Tristan DeWolf, Technician 3, Conferencing and Facility Rntl 

  • Twice in the last few weeks I've had need to coordinate events in the auditorium at the MFEC. Setting up for both of those events was much less stressful because Tristan was right there to help with technology and other needs. I know that's his job - but he does it with a GREAT ATTITUDE! I appreciated his anxious willingness to help and make sure things were just right. Tristan is a perfect example of excellent customer service!