Staff Stars

October 2017 Staff Stars

October prize winners:

  • Dona Bilyeu-Dittman
  • Jessica Davenport
  • Mandana (Mondie) Mahdavi
  • Nancy Traugott
  • Qassim Hello

Here are partial comments from this month’s Staff Star submissions:

Ana Brown, Specialist II, Student Life & Leadership –

  • Ana has been vital in helping with our office in getting things done and helping with the student clubs on campus. Ana is very willing to help where she can is and is always willing to learn new things to help build her experience with our office. We appreciate Ana and all she does for our office.

Christopher Goodson, Specialist I, Facilities Office –

  • Chris has been awesome in helping Surplus and its customers to be more accountable and efficient with our pick-ups. He has excellent customer service and is always courteous to all students, staff and faculty of the college.

Corey Stevens, Instructional Designer 2, Distance Education –

  • Corey is a very upbeat and positive person. He is willing to help in any way he can and he brings a lot of life and fun to the office. Corey is very knowledgeable and brings great insight to our processes and projects. His enthusiasm is contagious! :)

Courtney Wood, Coordinator, Scheduling –

  • The only reason why you don't know who Courtney is, is because she does such an amazing job! All the catalog changes are done quickly and without issues. She has been called by other intuitions for help on their catalog, and has even done a class in Florida on working with the ACALOG. Oh and she does this part time while getting her Masters!

Cynthia Bonsall, Asst. Dir. 2, Academic Advising –

  • Cynthia works hard to supervise program advisors and keep abreast of all of our changing schedules, different demands and sometimes cranky personalities. She manages to keep us up to speed on all of the latest information and effectively monitors what we need to do but provides us with the sufficient space in which to operate on our own. She's always available to assist when needed. Academic Advising in general and program advisors in particular are fortunate to have Cynthia on our team.

Debbie Mahre, Administrative Asst. II, Institutional Effectiveness –

  • Debbie is a master at Multi-Tasking. She has been involved with multiple projects and has completed each in a timely manner. She is always pleasant and willing to help. Her laughter is contagious. Thank you Debbie!

*Dona Bilyeu-Dittman, Manager 2, Admissions –

  • She is an excellent supervisor. She makes sure that the daily operations of the admission office are running smoothly and keeps the atmosphere in the office positive.
  • Dona have been a great manager, mentor, teacher, and guide. Her support and advice has helped shape the professional environment of the admissions office. She is the best boss ever!

Evany Pace, Instructional Designer 2, Distance Education –

  • Evany always goes above and beyond. She strives to maintain good relationships with her colleagues and with the faculty she works on projects with. She also executes her projects with great attention to detail and it shows in the final product. She is an asset to the team and we are lucky to have her!

Francisca Rodriguez, Administrative Asst. I, SAT ESL –

  • I'd like to recognize Fran as we all know her for always lending a hand when needed. She has a caring, professional and can-do attitude and we all appreciate that about her. Students, faculty and staff all benefit from her guidance, help and for always going above and beyond her call of duty. Thank you Fran for showing the rest of us what outstanding customer service is!

Gayla Buttars, Administrative Asst. I, CTR For Health & Counseling –

  • Since I started just a few weeks ago I have had to ask her about a thousand questions and she has always pleasantly answered my questions and been incredibly helpful to me.

Jamie Fortune, Specialist III, Distribution –

  • Jamie has consistently worked above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that new systems get implemented and understood by all involved. He also has been exceptional in assisting other departments in finding lost packages on multiple occasions and he strives every day to ensure that all materials ordered by the college get delivered in a timely manner. In short he has worked very hard to change many perceptions of his department and help it grow.

Jen Seltzer Stitt, Director, Government & Community Rela VP –

  • Jen is always willing to help her teammates and very conscientious about how she can support other departments and divisions. Jen is upbeat, fun to be around, and brings a sense of humor to work. She is also good at meeting management and facilitates effective meetings where quality work is done. Jen cares about the college community and the community at large. She is a superstar!

Jennifer Pollock, Manager 2, School of Prof & Econ Devlp –

  • Recently Jennifer tracked down the new process for certifying her PTCB students. The process will now make it easier for students to train here / test here and add the 3rd party certification to their resumes! She also purchases practice exams first in order to help students feel more comfortable with the exam testing.

*Jessica Davenport, Assistant Facilities Planner, Facilities Architects –

  • Jessica has taken on so many projects and responsibilities to help with all that is needed to get furniture installed, items ordered, electrical and data adjustments made, all for classrooms and offices to make SLCC run smoothly. She has been a tremendous help with major projects and during times of heavy workloads especially while some of us have had health issues that have kept us home. She is an invaluable asset to the Facilities Department and the college.

Jim Hale, Journey Painter, Facilities Painters, & Ron Jones, Journey Painter, Facilities Painters, & Paul Beck, Journeyman Painter 2, Facilities Painters –

  • Thank you to Jim, Ron, and Paul for their hard work on painting the hallways on all three floors at South City Campus. They worked a lot of extra hours, and skipped breaks to make sure this enormous task was completed before students and faculty returned to classes, and to minimize disruptions as much as possible. They are a huge asset to the college, and their expertise in painting helps maintain the aesthetics of all of our campuses. I greatly appreciate their hard work.

Julia Ellis, Program Manager 1, Institute of Public Safety –

  • Julia plays a crucial - even indispensable role in our department. If I need something done, and done well, the task goes to Julia. More often than not, however, I don't even have to issue an assignment. Julia sees what needs to be done and takes the initiative to make it happen. Her efforts are not limited to our department, but benefit the entire college - as evidenced by her service with the Staff Association. She always has the interest and integrity of our program as a priority - right after the interest of the students!!! I couldn't do this work without her!

Kameron Howell, Manager 1, Facilities Office –

  • Kam has been so professional and helpful throughout the years and though we were sad to see him leave the key office years ago, he has been amazing at Jordan. In the last few months, we've had several incidents happen where we needed help after hours to help staff get in rooms, help us with room temperature, help students with urgent matters and without hesitation he was able to help us or guide us in the ride direction for help. I'd like to recognize Kam for being a great ambassador of Salt Lake Community College and for always showing his outstanding professionalism. Thank you Kam for a job well done!

Keenan Adcock, Coordinator 2, Distance Education –

  • Keenan has a great attitude and gives top-level service to everyone.

Kemone Carby Feleti, Secretary II, International Student Admin –

  • I want to thank her for all of her work that goes above and beyond what is expected and her willingness to improve the office.

Kevin Hammond, Specialist I, Distance Education –

  • Kevin is dedicated and fun! He is attentive to details and thoroughly researches every request. The best!

Laura Klingenstein, Advisor II, International Student Admin –

  • I want to thank her for her patience and help in keeping the office going and assisting me in my new transition.

LeeAnn Gallegos, Specialist II, Disability Resource Center –

  • LeeAnn is a very hard worker and it seems that she can handle anything that comes her way. She has a lot on her plate at times and she keeps her cool. She reaches the goals that has been set for her. She likes to get things done on time or before its due. She is a person that does not wait till the lat minute to get the job done. She works well with her co-workers and the students that she works with. LeeAnn is a person that loves what she does no matter how hard it gets at times. She always has a smile on her face and in good spirts all the time. Her co-workers will go to her if there is anything that needs to be done, for example a problem with the database that the DRC uses. They know that the problem will be taken care of so they have no worries about the task that is given her to solve. LeeAnn is and outstanding co-worker and is a wonderful asset to the DRC.

Dr. Lindsay Granger, Advisor 2, Student Employment & CO-OP –

  • I appreciate Lindsay's initiatives in support of our multicultural students. She applied for the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Grant and was awarded $1840.00. Two-hundred students will benefit with these funds when they take the Strong Interest Inventory free of charge. When the students know about their interests, advisors can help them to consider a career, their educational path, and the world of work.

Loren Safford, Specialist III, Facilities Office –

  • Loren is extremely helpful and VERY pleasant to work with. He makes sure everything is done satisfactorily, including scheduling a time that will work for you. Loren is one of the many people who work behind the scenes, without much notice, and does a remarkable job!
  • Loren was awesome! He helped us remove and old appliance and replace a new one. He was friendly and made sure that the new appliance was running smoothly before leaving. THANK YOU for going above and beyond the call of duty.

*Mandana (Mondie) Mahdavi, Specialist 3, Distance Education –

  • Mondie is always ready and willing to help anyone who needs it. She is a great collaborator and has great ideas to contribute to projects and meetings. Mondie always keeps the students in mind when she is working on a project and she is kind and a great person to work with!

Maria del Rocio Murguia, Academic Advisor, Academic Advising –

  • Maria has done a great job advising students at the West Valley Center. As the sole Academic Advisor at the West Valley Center Maria does general advising as well as advising for the School of Applied Technology (SAT). With her bilingual skills in Spanish she has assisted many Latino/ Hispanic students enroll in ESL classes through the SAT. In addition to her advising students she has taken on special projects and attended necessary training's and staff meetings, all this while working part time. Maria's flexibility and dedication to students has been much appreciated.

Maryanne Tye, Coordinator 2, Distance Education –

  • Maryanne is the kingpin of this organization. Always helpful and a consummate professional.

Matt Hale, Specialist II, Facilities Office –

  • Matt is an outstanding employee, he always comes to work with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Many times he has been the person to pull the department out of a funk and show us the brighter side to any given situation. I have seen many times when he has made his colleagues laugh just to cheer them up and help them get through a hectic day. He has also been very helpful in making Surplus and Central Receiving more efficient departments that can get any job done.

Michelle Carman, Specialist II, Library Services –

  • Michelle is always willing to help out fellow staff and library patrons. Not only that, she is such a voice of calm and reason no matter the severity of the situation. Michelle is always collected, professional and helpful, and is such an asset to the library for those reasons and many more!

Mike Clausing, Specialist III, Disability Resource Center –

  • Mike has been a trooper as we have updated some of the presentation materials used for transition services. He was flexible, adaptable, and took feedback so we could make the student experience one they would remember. The feedback we received during the presentation was great. Thanks Mike for all the hard work and dedication to assisting students.

Nancy Michalko, Executive Director, Development Office –

  • Nancy Michalko is so much more than a good manager – she is a great leader. Every day at the College, she contributes her decades of experience as a development professional, her ability to coach, mentor, and support her employees, and her sense of fairness and loyalty toward those with whom she works – at the College and in the community. Nancy loves SLCC and has successfully engaged the support of the College’s leadership and colleagues on every campus for very ambitious goals in the years ahead. She is not only transforming the development office but is a part of something much bigger ... changing the perceptions about the College in our community, one conversation at a time.

*Nancy Traugott, Specialist 2, Regional Administration –

  • Nancy is great to help in a very prompt way when faculty needs a door unlocked. Sometimes staff in our department may not have arrived to open necessary rooms for class or supplies. Nancy is quick to respond to our needs when this happen and when a faculty member is a bit frustrated because they can't get into an area that is needed. We can always depend on Nancy for support and help. We appreciate her very much. She is a great part of SLCC team effort.

Patrick Chaffos, Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology –

  • He exhibits some of the best customer service for the r groups he supports. The amzing thing is that his customre service is second to none when it comes to the pesonal touch.

Paul Benner, Assoc. Dean, Div. of Accounting, Finance & Legal Studies –

  • Recognition of his outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness on the importance on reading in our community. Paul is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board for the Salt Lake County Library. He is trying to help build more public libraries and encouraging students and others in the community the importance of books. Paul also serves as an Associate Dean at the School of Business, he is always looking for ways to help students, faculty and staff.

Paul Wolford, Manager 1, Workforce & Economic Development –

  • Paul wears many hats and serves many masters. He is always willing to assist with whatever the challenge of the day is. He takes feedback as intended and always displays a desire to work with the team and understands our objectives.

*Qassim Hello, Technician II, Div of Nursing –

  • Qassim is always willing to help in every way possible no matter what the task he's called upon to perform. He is friendly and kind to all, and these qualities, and more, make him a great co-worker. Qassim is definitely worthy of "Staff Star."

Rebecca Schumann, Administrative Asst. I, Prospective Students –

  • I'm so grateful for her assistance and patience in helping me to adjust and learn the information I need to be successful.

Robert Ameling, Advisor 2, Student Employment & CO-OP –

  • I appreciate Robert's enthusiasm and quick response to any plan of action Career Services develops promoting employment, co-op/internships and events.

Sam Hall, Specialist I, Disability Resource Center –

  • We can always count on Sam to get the job done. He is a wiz on the phone getting students to be volunteer note takers- always professional and polite, deftly trains students to use accessibility software and hardware, and often emails instructors past quitting time to make sure they have the completed test from a student that finished up right at 4:30. He is always willing to help and is very welcoming to students, faculty, and staff. He is a valuable part of our department.

Sara Franco, Specialist 2, Registration –

  • Sara has always been very helpful when asked about students' graduation questions and issues, and she is very knowledgeable of SLCC graduation policies and Degree Works. She is so helpful to our Advisors and she is does so with a sincere smile and attitude. Even during the times when the graduation office is swamped processing applications, she will take a few minutes to help and answer our questions and she is so appreciated!

Saul Gilbert, Journey Painter, Facilities Painters –

  • Thank you Saul for your hard work handling the work order load while the rest of the paint crew were able to concentrate on painting the hallways at South City Campus. This allowed the paint crew to focus on the task at hand, without interruptions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Slavica Mikanovic, Accounting Technician 3, Cashiering –

  • Slavica is never late for anything. She is compassionate, friendly, and goes the extra mile to be nice to students and Staff. She will answering questions, even the strange ones and if she doesn't know the answer she will find out. Her work is quality, and requires very little supervision. It is great to have her in our office in Cashiering.

Sophie Ruzek, Specialist, Student Svcs Vice Pres Off –

  • I'm grateful for her professional work ethic and for getting the job done right all the time!

Stacey Case, Advisor 2, Admissions –

  • She is always making recommendations and including different departments in events held by her office and those she works closely with. She is an asset to her team, and the surrounding student affairs departments. The positivity that comes from her personality is infectious. Great work, and thank you for thinking inclusively when it comes to events and activities where students need information regarding student affairs.

Stormie, Administrative Assistant I, Institute of Public Safety –

  • Stormie's institutional knowledge, along with her drive to do what is right, has kept our department from making mistakes and keeping us in line with the policies and procedures of the college. She is always working to improve herself and find ways to contribute more to the success of our program. Thanks Stormie!!!!

Thu Dang, Specialist I, Student Life & Leadership –

  • Thu welcomes all those that come into our office with a bright smile. Thu is always willing to do whatever needs to be done to help out. Thu's happy personality brightens up our office and her customer service to those coming into our office is awesome.

Tomas Armonavicius, Specialist II, Facilities Office –

  • Tomas is an exceptional individual and has shown on countless occasions the very best qualities of an SLCC employee. I have seen many times where he has gone well above expectations to make the job happen and still maintain the mission of our department, our division and the College as a whole.

Venita Ross, Advisor 2, International Student Admin –

  • I’m grateful for her help and flexibility in keeping the office going while I am transitioning to my new position.