Writing Intensive

Spring 2023 Designation: Apply by September 15, 2022

Fall 2023 Designation: Apply by Februrary 15, 2023

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 The Writing Intensive (WI) program supports faculty who incorporate (or wish to incorporate) writing intensive pedagogies into their curriculum. A WI designation denotes that the course section includes explicit writing instruction and engaged writing as a central part of the curriculum. 

WI pedagogy is a high-impact practice that enhances course learning outcomes and student engagement. The Association of American Colleges and Universities states, “These courses emphasize writing at all levels of instruction and across the curriculum, including final-year projects. Students are encouraged to produce and revise various forms of writing for different audiences in different disciplines.” 

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The goals of the WI designation are to:

  • Engage and retain students through high-impact practices;
  • Professionally sustain faculty who use writing intensive pedagogy;
  • Address the SLCC Student Learning Outcome: Effective Communication.

Designation Information

  1. The WI designation adds one contact hour per section to the faculty member’s teaching load (i.e. a WI section that carries 3 credit hours will appear as 4 contact hours on the load report).
  2. The faculty member will spend the additional contact hour(s) consulting in an SLCC Student Writing and Reading Centerr for each WI-designated class section unless opting not to. If the faculty member opts out, the additional contact hour(s) will not be awarded. 
  3. WI-designated sections are capped at 25 students
  4. The WI designation is open to individual full-time and adjunct faculty members with the approval of their academic administrators.
  5. The WI designation can be applied to new courses or existing courses.
  6. The WAC program will informally review existing WI course sections and syllabi every year.
  7. The WI designation is subject to renewal every three years.
  8. The WI designation may be applied to sections of a course or an entire course.  

Process for WI Designation (for current SLCC courses[1])

  1. The faculty member will:
    1. Discuss intention to apply for WI designation with academic supervisor;
    2. (Recommended) Talk with WAC Director to receive support and guidance on drafting application;
    3. Complete all application steps;
    4. Respond to requests for clarification within a reasonable time period;
  2. The WAC Director will:
    1. Provide support to the faculty member prior to submission of application, if requested.
    2. Acknowledge receipt of application and proposal;
    3. Review proposal for minimum requirements (if not met, will request meeting with applicant to revise);
    4. Distribute proposal to Writing Intensive committee members.
  3. The Writing Intensive Designation Committee[2] will:
    1. Review proposal and individually evaluate according to the criteria.
    2. Meet and discuss proposals;
    3. Vote to approve, return for revision, or reject the proposal.
  4. The WAC director will:
    1. Notify the faculty member, academic supervisor, administrative assistant, and curriculum committee of the WI committee decision;
    2. Coordinate designation of sections in Banner;
    3. Notify the Student Writing & Reading Center director;
    4. Provide requested support to faculty member;
  5. The Director of the Student Writing & Reading Centers will:
    1. Coordinate training with the faculty member;
    2. Schedule the faculty member for SWRC hours;
    3. Provide requested support to faculty member;
  6. The academic supervisor will:
    1. Manage the teaching schedule, load document, and compensation for the faculty member;
    2. Communicate any necessary information to the WAC director.

[1] New courses seeking writing intensive designation should collaborate with the WAC director on the process.

[2] The Writing Intensive Committee is comprised of one faculty member from each area of study. The WAC director serves as chair of the committee and votes only in the case of a tie.

Writing Intensive Designation Committee

  • Lon Schiffbauer, Business, 2019-2022
  • Marcie Cancio-Young, Arts, Communication & Digital Media, 2019-2022
  • Vacant, Computer Systems & Information Technology
  • Lyndsay Fait, Health Sciences, 2019-2022
  • Ted Moore, Humanities, 2019-2022
  • Jedediah Doelling, Science, Math & Engineering, 2019-2022
  • Heather Schumacker, Social & Behavioral Science, Education & Human Services
  • Vacant, Construction, Manufacturing & Applied Technologies 

Curriculum Disclaimer

The purview of the Writing Intensive committee is to verify that a proposed writing intensive class meets the criteria for the designation. It is the decision of departments and divisions, in partnership with faculty members, to support these teaching practices and to support the creation of writing intensive designated courses. Generally, courses are already approved by the Curriculum Committee before they receive writing intensive designation but in some circumstances the designation can be sought concurrently with curriculum committee approval.