Sign Shop

The sign shop at SLCC is located on the Taylorsville/Redwood Campus in the Facilities Complex FC048-102. The sign shop does most of the signs found on campus including engraved ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant room signs, nameplates, directional signs, vinyl banners, magnetic signs on cars and trucks, dimensional (3-D) letters on buildings, decals, stickers, digitally printed vinyl signs, laser engraving (awards) and various “special event” signs.

The sign shop is operated by Cole Donehoo who has many years of experience in the sign business, including; sign design, construction, layout, graphics, engraving glass, acrylic, wood, & plastic, and installation. He is happy to consult with anyone regarding their sign needs with solutions, costs, and effective sign layout (materials, styles, colors, etc.)

Sign shop customers pay only for the materials used to make their signs, so the savings can be substantial over going to a retail sign shop.

Item Price
2x4” engraved nameplates, Single Line, Name Only 10.00
6x12” new office/wall 3 panel sign w/frame, Up to 3 Lines, MAX 18 Characters per Line 75.00
6x12” change out lettering on 3 panel sign, Up to 3 Lines, MAX 18 Characters per Line 15.00
2x4” ADA Room number panel w/ numbers, braille w/ new frame 35.00
2x4” ADA Room number panel w/ numbers, braille w/o new frame 20.00
5x40” plastic hanging sign w/ 3” letters (2 sided) 50.00
5x40” plastic hanging sign w/ 3” letters (1 sided) 30.00
18x24” aluminum parking style sign w/ applied vinyl lettering 35.00
.75 white vinyl name lettering on glass office (AAB Bldg. only) 10.00
  • Type “S” Specialty Sign. Size and lettering is variable to fit the individual needs. These signs are exceptions to those listed above. A request for a specialty sign must be made by contacting the Sign Shop directly. Public use of signs must comply with the College signage policy and ADA standards.
  • Names will no longer appear on hallway signage with the exception of Deans, Directors, or Vice Presidents.

Note: All new sign orders require your dept. cost code or index number for IDB billing. Your job cannot start without this.

Contact Us

To place a work order, please contact FIX IT Customer Service | SLCC at 801-957-3911 or email


Cole Donehoo
Specialist 2, Signage/Banners
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, FC 048 102A

Keegan Helgren
Sign Shop Specialist
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, FC 048-102