Quantified Self

Quantified Self (QS) is a data collection movement that promotes meaningful conclusions in your daily activities. Virtually every aspect of your daily living can be quantified (physical activity, sleep, geographic location, etc). Through this program, you will discover your daily physical activity patterns (distance/day or steps/day), sleep routine as they relate to quality and quantity, and hydration patterns then learn how to improve them.  Complete the Quantified Self program online by watching the QS video series.


Quantified Self Version 2 is an in-person program that aims to expand physical activity data analysis to the Apple Health Kit app.  In this program, participants with an Apple Watch and / or the iOS based Apple Health Kit app will be learn how to analyze physical activity data by these devices to better identify days to increase the quantity and/or quality of physical activity.  Following this initial assessment, participants will learn how to hone their devices to collect better data.  Bringing this program to a close, participants will learn how to engage in physical activities within their communities.

Dates, Times, and Locations are TBA