Regence Empower

Similar to the Level 1 self-guided programs, the Level 3 Regence Empower program requires more time and attention to complete. Full-Time employees are welcome to select and complete 18 consecutive weeks of self-guided programs that are meaningful to them via For example, if an employee's overall wellbeing would be best served by preventing or better managing high blood pressure then they should consider joining the Improving your Blood Pressure Program, Nutrition for Better Health, and Managing Stress programs. Most of the 11 programs available are six weeks in duration, so to qualify for the Level 3 ($200) Regence Empower program, 3 programs should be completed.

Once 18-weeks of programming have been completed, submit the incentive request form and send in the "History" report to as evidence of the completed self-guided program. After signing into, this report can be accessed by clicking on Meet Regence Empower. Once on the Regence Empower dashboard, select History from the top right section under ‘Incentives’. This view will show all completed programs. Once verified, the incentive request will be added to a future paycheck.


How to access Empower:

  1. Register or sign in to your account
  2. Click on Meet Regence Empower
    1. During your first visit to the Empower site, you will need to confirm and select applicable communication preferences

Accessing your Empower activity history:

  1. Locate and click on the History link within the Incentives section
  2. Enter the desired program cycle duration
  3. Export the report as a PDF 
    1. Email the completion report to 
      1. A screen capture image is also welcome