Drop-in Yoga

With supervisor approval, full-time employees are invited to join our weekly Level 5* drop-in yoga sessions.  Be sure to bring your yoga mats as they will not be provided.

Each drop-in yoga session follows this structure:

  • first 15 mins are breathing practice and meditation
  • remaining time is asana practice

Feel free to leave after the first 15 minutes or show up for the last 30-45 minutes as your schedule allows.

Schedule: May 17th-Aug 19th. No class on June 30th
Date & Time:   Webex Link:  Password:  Meeting Number: 

Tuesday 1:15-2:00 Light Yoga

Join Zoom Meeting 413385 886 5432 9961
Wednesday 11:15-12:00 (Hybrid in-person and online in Taylorsville LAC 124) Join Zoom Meeting 567451

813 6046 8558

Thursday 2:00-2:45 Chair Yoga

Join Zoom Meeting 243290 850 7122 2025


These are restorative classes meant for all levels. You are welcome to come for the first 15 mins of breathing and meditation practice, the last 30 mins for movements and postures/stretches or the entire 45 min class. All you need are comfortable clothes (any clothes work if you can move in them) and a towel or mat to put on the floor. You are always welcome to use a chair or stand for class if you don't have a mat. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there. 

Based on the needs of the College, dates, and locations for drop-in yoga sessions are subject to change.  Further details will be provided by the instructor as well as being posted here as the program progresses.  

*Level 5  Employee Wellness programs provide employees with time away from their typical duties (pending supervisor approval).