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Student Course Evaluations

At the end of each semester, students are asked to provide feedback to their instructor(s) about what went well in the class and what could be improved for the next semester. Receiving student feedback is important to ensuring the best quality of instruction for our students.

Three weeks before the end of the semester, a Course Evaluation tab will appear in Canvas. Students can log into Canvas to take their evaluations for all their courses. The evaluation period will end one week after finals.

While this feedback is anonymous, Data Science & Analytics has access to evaluation data at the student-level for the purposes of research. Usage of these data for research will be under scrutiny to ensure that requirements for confidentiality and data security are sufficiently met. Results will be shared in aggregated form, ensuring students’ anonymity to instructors and administrators.

More Information

Course Eval Calendar

If you have questions about the course evaluation process, you can call us at 801-957-4732 or email