One Small Change

Long-term healthy living needs simple beginnings. One Small Change is a health behavior change program that encourages participants to identify one health behavior that they would like to adopt, modify, or eliminate and live that change for at least 21 days. Support for identifying a change, as well as living the identified change, comes from attending and participating in small group discussions.

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One Small Change
Month Campus & Room Dates & Times
August 3rd from 11-12pm (Monday)
August 10th from 11-12pm (Monday)
August 17th from 11-12pm (Monday)
August 24th from 11-12pm (Monday)
October 2nd from 11-12pm (Friday)
October 9th from 11-12pm (Friday)
October 16th from 11-12pm (Friday)
October 23rd from 11-12pm (Friday)