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We want to welcome you, our newest members of the SLCC community. We're so glad you're here! We value your perspectives, your experience and your history, because we know they will shape your work and transform students' lives.

To help your first days and weeks at the college feel meaningful and purposeful, we've broken down your onboarding essentials into categories: before you arrive, your first day, first week, first month and first year. These sections contain the action items and intel you need to create a flourishing career at SLCC. Get ready to learn about campus resources, making the most of your benefits and how your role directly impacts the mission and vision of the college.

Before You Arrive

Your "why" has led you to SLCC, and the next step in your career. We can't wait till you arrive! As you prep for day 1, this guide will help you visualize what's ahead and learn more about your new workplace.

First Day

We have every confidence in you and your abilities. That's why we invited you onboard! We hope you feel comfortable showing up as your authentic self from day one as you prepare for classes, meet your colleagues, and arrive on campus. If we can make that easier, just let us know. We want to hear from you and help you thrive.

First Week

We want to set you up for success. Remember, you're part of a team that already values your contributions. They're there to help clarify your understanding of SLCC's culture, and we're here to help you understand and make the most of your benefits. Use this first week to get a hands-on feel for SLCC and ask questions as they come up.

First Month

You settling in? Thanks for all the knowledge and experiences you've shared with us already! When you're up for it, we'd love for you to consider sharing your new ideas in other places around the college. These include inter-departmental committees, advocating for college initiatives and student-facing service opportunities.

First Year

We're better because of your work. Thank you for your commitment to the college and to our community! By continuing to transform our students' lives, our employees often find themselves transforming their own in the process. And, as you evolve, your career at the college can, too. Reach out for professional development opportunities to advance your career at SLCC.