Budget Office Staff

Darren Marshall
Assistant VP of Budget Services and Financial Planning
Office Location: AAB 301E-F
Phone: 801-957-4782
Mail Stop: BGT
Email: darren.marshall@slcc.edu
Jillana AhLoe
Budget Director
Office Location: AAB 301E-E
Phone: 801-957-4149
Mail Stop: BGT
Email: jillana.ahloe@slcc.edu

Arlene Ray
Budget Analyst, Position Control
Office Location: AAB 301E-G
Phone: 801-957-4229
Mail Stop: BGT
Email: arlene.asay@slcc.edu

Jonathan Hair
Budget Analyst, Academic Affairs
Office Location: AAB 364B
Phone: 801-957-4012
Mail Stop: AVP
Email: jonathan.hair@slcc.edu

Jim Buchanan
Budget Analyst, SAT & Continuing Education
Office Location: MPDC 110E
Phone: 801-957-5559
Mail Stop: LHM
Email: jim.buchanan2@slcc.edu

Hoa Nguyen
Budget Analyst, Budget Transfers & Reports
Office Location: AAB 301E-D
Phone: 801-957-4243
Mail Stop: BGT
Email: hoa.nguyen@slcc.edu