Suspicious Package/Bomb Threat

Suspicious Package

If you find a SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE OR BAG do not touch or move it, leave the area immediately and keep others from entering. CALL 911 AFTER leaving the area. Follow instructions of the dispatcher.

Bomb Threat

If you receive a BOMB THREAT CALL, remain calm, be courteous, and do not agitate the caller. Let the caller talk and listen carefully to what is said. Quietly motion for a co-worker or write a note to call 911. Do not interrupt, but when the caller has finished stating the threat, try to get as much additional information as possible. Keep the caller on the phone as long as possible and ask the questions below.

SLCC Phone Bomb THreat Information

Questions to Ask the Caller - Stay on the Phone
Location of the Bomb:
  • Building
  • Room
  • Location in Room
Time of call:
What does the bomb look like: What time will the bomb go off:
What kind of bomb is it: What will make it explode:
How do you know about the bomb: Did you place the bomb:
Why was the bomb placed here: Why are you calling:
What is your name: Where are you now:

Voice Characteristics (circle):

Loud,   Deep,   Raspy,   Nasal,   Soft,   High,   Pleasant,   Intoxicated,   Crying,   Coughing,   Cracking,   Familiar,   Clearing Throat

Estimated Age:

Speech (circle):

Rapid,   Distinct,   Stutter,   Sluured,   Slow,   Distorted,   Lisp,   Disguised,   Loud,   Normal,   Ragged

Language (circle):

Message read,   Taped,   Poor,   Obscene,   Fair,   Profane,   Good,   Abusive,   Well Spoken

Accent (circle):

Local,   Foreign,   Racial,   Present but Unknown

Manner (circle):

Calm,   Angry,   Rational,   Irrational,   Coherent,   Incoherent,   Deliberate,   Emotional,   Laughing,   Serious

Other details:

Background Noise (circle):

Clear,   Static,   Local,   Long Distance,   Office Machines,   Trains,   Factory Machines,   Airplanes,   Music,   Voices,   Animals,   Quiet,   Party Noises,   Traffic,   House Noises,   Kitchen Noises,   Street Noises,   Booth,   PA System,   Undermined