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Facilities Services

Lost and Found Procedures

SLCC has designated the following locations for collecting Lost and Found. They are responsible to receive, document, return and transfer property. Any property not claimed within a certain period of time will be turned over to Surplus Property.

Taylorsville Redwood Road Campus

  • Student Center (STC): Courtesy Desk: 801-957-3859
  • Markosian Library (LIB): Circulation Desk: 801-957-3847
  • Lifetime Activities Center (LAC): Recreation Desk: 801-957-3801
  • Gunderson Facilities Service Building (GFSB): Police Services: 801-957-4270
  • Academic Administration Building (AAB): Mail Services: 801-957-4544

South City Campus

  • Student Services SCM 1-061: 801-957-3407
  • Grand Theater Box Office: 801-957-3362

Jordan Campus

  • High Tech Center: Student Services: 801-957-2680
  • Health Science Center: Dean’s Office: 801-957-6322

Larry H. Miller Campus

  • MPDC 110: Conference Services: 801-957-5294 or 5285
  • MFEC 138: Student Services: 801-957-5417

Meadow Brook Campus

  • Building B: Student Services: 801-957-5821

Airport Campus

  • Main Reception Desk: 801-957-2050 or 2140

Library Square Center

  • Student Services: 801-957-2000

Westpointe Center

  • Student Services: 801-957-2150

West Valley Center

  • Lobby/Reception Desk: 801-957-2118

When claiming Lost and Found a person claiming property must provide the following information:

  • Description of the property
  • When it was lost
  • Where it was lost (if known)
  • Description of the property (color, brand, model, identifying marks)

Collection and Transfer of Property

Any property not claimed within a certain period of time will be picked up on a regular schedule by the Surplus Property department. The final disposition of property will be made by the Surplus Manager in accordance with College policies and state law.

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