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Campus-wide Awards and Grants

The nomination and/or application process for all campuswide SLCC faculty and staff awards and grants (that may be managed by different offices/programs/departments) hold to the utmost respect and privacy of the applicant, nominator and/or nominee, by the nomination committee or administrator(s), to assure a thorough, honest, and impartial consideration. Anyone at SLCC can nominate anyone eligible for the award, including yourself. The same person can be nominated for multiple awards. All awards are determined by the past academic year to the present.

Annual Staff Awards

This award is overseen by the Staff Association.

This annual award recognizes remarkable contributions by part- and full-time employees.

  • Deadline: March
  • Amount: Full-time staff, $500; part-time staff, $250


These awards are overseen by the Staff Association.

This award recognizes on an ongoing basis, staff members who regularly advance the mission of the College by providing exceptional access and service to our students, staff, faculty and partners.

  • Deadline: Monthly


Annual Employee Awards

These awards are overseen by the People and Workplace Culture.

This annual award recognizes years of service by employees: five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five years, etc. Those retiring are also recognized. Recognized employees each receive a gift.