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Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Ethics and Compliance Hotline Procedure Objectives

  1. Reporting Procedure for Suspected Improper Activities – provides for any employee who communicates in good faith the existence of:
    • any waste of public funds
    • any waste of property
    • any waste of manpower
    • suspected violation of a law, rule or regulation adopted under the laws of this state
  2. Stewardship of SLCC resources
  3. SLCC commitment to and compliance with laws and regulations
  4. Support of ethical practices and ethical treatment of those in the college community
  5. Establish a Ethics and Compliance Hotline (Ethics Point Ethics Hotline)
  6. Provide protection from retaliation in reporting
  7. Provide an integral internal safeguard for all SLCC operations

Ethics and Compliance Hotline Reporting

Ethics and Compliance Reports Resource Hotline
Ethics and Compliance Hotline Toll Free Reporting Line: 866-873-0614

Ethics and Compliance Reports Resource Team

  • Travis Lansing, 801-957-4009
  • Shane Crabtree, 801-957-4571
  • James Broadbent, 801-957-4672
  • Bruce Eliason, 801-957-4041
  • Candida Mumford, 801-957-5027
  • Tiffany Rousculp, 801-957-3232
  • Alisa Garcia, 801-957-4006