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The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) provides high-quality research administration support and sponsored project compliance expertise throughout the grant life cycle.

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Need help figuring out whether or not your project is a Sponsored Project? If your answer to both questions below is “Yes,” SLCC Policy requires your proposal to be developed, submitted, and managed under the direction of the Office of Sponsored Projects.


  • Is your contract, agreement, grant, designation or waiver supported by a government or public entity?


  • Do at least two of the conditions below apply to your project?
    • the project requires adherence to government grant regulations and imposes terms of legal accountability, i.e., indemnification;
    • the project requires formal institutional endorsement;
    • the project obligates the PI or institution to a line of developmental or scholarly inquiry that follows a plan or seeks to meet stated goals;
    • the project establishes an understanding of how the funds will be used or includes a line-item budget that identifies expenses by activity or period;
    • the project requires fiscal accountability as evidenced by the submission of financial reports to the sponsor or the return of unexpended funds at the end of the project period;
    • the project requires the PI to report project results or convey rights to tangible or intangible properties resulting from the project; or
    • the project recovers indirect costs.