Power Failures

In Case of Power Failure

  • Shut off all equipment you are working with.
  • Turn any other equipment or switches off to help prevent possible damage to equipment from power surges when power is restored.
  • Leave dark areas as quickly and as safely as possible, taking care to assist any individuals with disabilities as they exit. (see building evaluation for additional information)
  • Never dismiss classes or close offices unless instructed to do so by a College Administrator. Power Failures usually have a short duration.
  • Information about the failure and its expected duration will be made available as quickly as possible via the emergency notification system. (see emergency notification section)

Employees should have access to a flashlight (Supervisors are responsible to provide a flashlight to employees and to check / replace batteries annually, which may be part of the 72-hour kit)

After a Power Failure

  • Check your area and report any equipment or other damage to the proper instructor, supervisor, or department personnel.
  • Facilities personnel will restore all building-wide systems, such as heat, air conditioning, etc., as quickly as possible.
  • Department Instructions


If you are in an elevator that fails

  • Use the in-elevator emergency panel to report the failure. Pushing the button will automatically call the elevator company.
  • If the emergency panel is disabled, push the alarm button.

In case of elevator failure

  • Any time you hear an elevator alarm sound, investigate the problem.
  • If it is determined that there is a failure or problem, contact the Facilities Department 801-957-3911 or Police Services.

* See Emergency Phone Numbers