Tips and How to's

Changing minutes to decimals:

Use this schedule for determining tenths of hours:

1-6 0.1
7-12 0.2
13-18 0.3
19-24 0.4
25-30 0.5
31-36 0.6
37-42 0.7
43-48 0.8
49-54 0.9
55-60 1.0

How to see and print pay stub info:

To access your pay info on line, log into MySLCC, scroll down to Employment Details, click Pay Information and then Pay Stub.  Find the year you want and click Display, then click on the date you want.  To print, click the print icon at the top right of your screen.  At this time the printer friendly button on the form does not work. 

How to see leave balances:

All employees can view their leave balances.  Log into MySLCC, scroll down to Employment Details, click on Time Off Current Balances & History. There you will see a list of your balances.  To view history of hours earned and taken, click on a leave code, i.e., Sick Leave.

Account Code Information:

  • Part-time Employee - 62110
  • Adjunct Teaching - 61110
  • Full-time Overload - 61120
  • Full-time Additional Work (not teaching) - 62113
  • Coordinator - 62115
  • List of All Account Codes

What is a Timesheet Org:

A timesheet sheet org is an organization code where an approver wants to see his/her timesheets.  While the timesheet org is usually the organization code on where the employee is paid from, it does not have to be.  If you have several organization codes, you can select one and have all your employees set up in one timesheet org.  Please contact the Payroll Office if you want to have changes made.