Pathways provides a guided program of study intentionally designed to enhance learning and clarify a student's route to program completion.


SLCC will design and implement eight new sequences guided by a common framework for curriculum, instruction, advising, assessment, and learning climate. This includes the deliberate and integrated use of high-impact practices in teaching and advising.

SLCC Pathways as two components. The first component is about guiding students to select and progress along a pathway. The second uses deeply integrated and deliberately designed academic experience to improve student learning, increase student persistence, facilitate efficient program of study completion, and either placement into the workforce or transfer to baccalaureate degree programs. Both components are further described in the respective sections below.


SLCC Pathways is a multiyear initiative college redesign effort to enhance learning and increase student completion. Full implementation of SLCC Pathways will be achieved through incremental achievements every academic year from 2019 through 2023. Like piecing together a model, every fall we will implement new elements of the total SLCC Pathways initiative until it is fully implemented.

Here is what to expect in 2019:

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