Guiding Students

SLCC is in the process of re-engineering the intake, advising, and support experiences for students, with the goal of better guiding them through their chosen pathway. This will require a fundamental reorganization of advising, not only to educate students about options available through SLCC Pathways, but to adjust how we communicate expectations and continuously inform them of their progress. Using MySuccess and DegreeWorks, advisors will begin implementing a case-management, intrusive advising model to support students through their programs of study.

Students must pass through a series of milestones to ensure every student selects an area of study and develops an academic plan within the first semester, and to intervene if students deviate from that plan. These milestones encourage greater interaction with advisors in the first year, when students need the most assistance, but also ask students to consider their post-SLCC experience in the form of transfer, career, and graduation planning. The process is designed to empower students through teaching them how to identify options, consider tradeoffs, and make realistic plans.

SLCC Pathways: Advising Model