Guiding Student Choice

Pathways provides transformative education for every student at SLCC. To implement Pathways, we have redesigned our student advising, support and intake models. We believe that high-impact practices empower students to take ownership of their educational choices and avoid misguided course sequencing, ultimately saving students time and money as they work toward a credential.

 Under our new model, Pathways Advisors will educate students about program options, proactively develop motivational relationships with students, initiate communication at crucial points in students’ academic programs and continuously inform students of their progress. The advising process empowers students to identify options, consider tradeoffs and make realistic plans. 

Online tools called MySuccess and Degreeworks support our shift to a case management advising model.

Several advising checkpoints are already in place: students select an area of study and develop an academic plan within their first semester. These checkpoints create greater interaction with advisors during the crucial first year when students need most assistance.

SLCC Pathways: Advising Model