Career Development


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  • Gain a certificate, degree, other certification, etc.
  • Participate in a regional/international webinar
  • Become a facilitator, and give a workshop locally
  • Begin/continue college/university studies
  • Join a professional organization/network
  • Develop the discipline of reflective journal keeping
  • Share with colleagues what you found at a conference/workshop at your next staff meeting
  • Subscribe to/read professional journals

People & Workplace Culture partners with Career Services to offer Staff focused events on resume writing & interviewing. They have resources, assessment tools and to assist you with your self-guided career development.

Growth Planning & Support

The GPS (Growth Planning and Support) Program at the college provides opportunities for supervisors and employees to meet and discuss goals, tasks, and progress on a regular basis throughout the year. As employees and supervisors participate in GPS discussions, channels of communication can be increased so both the supervisor’s and the employee’s jobs and career development are enhanced.

View the Growth Planning and Support Training Presentation (also offered twice per year at "Supervisor Essentials" training.)