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Emergency Notifications

When there is a significant emergency at any SLCC campus site, pertinent information and instructions will be made available as quickly as possible via one or more of the following means:

  • Mass notification through text message, e-mail, or automated phone call.
  • Public Announcement through building emergency phone system (blue emergency talk-a-phones)
  • SLCC Official Social Media Accounts (Facebook and Twitter)
  • SLCC Home or Public Safety web page
  • SLCC Emergency Information line. Call 801-957-INFO (4636) to access.
  • TV and other News Media
  • everbridge

  • These emergency communications are one-way. If you have pertinent information, call 911 or use the contact numbers provided rather than attempting to call the number back or email a response to any mass notification message.
  • Be sure to follow any directions given in the emergency communications

College Closure Messages

If one or more of the College sites are required to close because of hazardous weather or any other emergency condition, mass emergency notifications may be sent and will detail the extent of the closure.

See Emergency Alert Notifications for more information.