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Know where the nearest FIRE EXTINGUISHER and FIRE ALARM in your work area is located. (Please become familiar with their use; the Fire Marshal can provide training as requested)

If there is a small, extinguishable fire

  • Report the fire and initiate building evacuation by activating the nearest fire alarm.
  • If you have been trained and can do so safely, use the nearest fire extinguisher. Remember PASS: Pull the pin, Aim the extinguisher hose towards the base of the flame, Squeeze the lever above the handle, Sweep from side to side.
  • If the fire is not extinguished within 5 seconds of using the extinguisher immediately leave the area.
  • Call the SLCC Campus Fire Marshal, 801-957-4148 or Facilities Department at 801-957-5911 or 801-898-4910 to report the incident.

If the fire cannot be extinguished with a fire extinguisher

  1. Report the fire by activating the nearest fire alarm.

    (Activating the alarm will automatically report the fire to both the Facilities Department on campus and the local fire department.)

  2. Evacuate the Building

When a fire alarm sounds

* See Building Evacuation Procedure.