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Reporting a Crime

If you SEE Something, SAY Something!

SLCC encourages the prompt and accurate reporting of crimes and suspicious activity to law enforcement. If you observe something suspicious or out of the ordinary, call the Police immediately.

Suspicious activities may include:

  • unusual items or situations;
  • individuals eliciting information about building purpose or security procedures;
  • repeated or prolonged surveillance;
  • threatening social media posts, or threatening displays or behavior against others.
  • Report all thefts and property losses; leave the scene untouched so the police can gather evidence.
  • Be alert for suspicious persons in and around campus buildings and parking lots.
  • Is someone carrying valuable property out of buildings?
  • Are they going from room to room trying doorknobs?
  • Are they looking in cars as they walk through parking lots?

Make notes regarding a description of the suspicious person and try to obtain a vehicle license number.
For your safety, do not pursue these individuals. Call the Police.

Crimes in progress and other emergencies should be reported by calling 911.
You can dial 911 from any campus office phone or 911 directly from any pay phone on campus, with no charge.

For Non Emergent situations refer to Emergency Telephone Numbers.