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Workplace Violence

Incident where a Mild or Strong Threat of Violence Occurs

Report incident immediately to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Your supervisor
  • The Director of Employee relations at 801-957-4212
  • The Director of Public Safety at 801-957-4571

NOTE: The following behaviors, when viewed as an isolated incident, do not necessarily constitute a threat of violence. However, if patterns of behavior that include one or a combination of the conditions listed below emerge, they may be one indicator that a person’s behavior could become violent. Where such behavior patterns develop, they should always be reported. If in immediate danger call 911, do not antagonize the person who’s behavior is threatening.

Mild Threat

  • Verbal abuse
  • Excessive use of profanity
  • Consistently argumentative interactions
  • Failure to cooperate with supervisor/co-worker or faculty member/other students
  • Inappropriate sexual comments
  • Negative attitude towards policies/procedures
  • Instigating harmful rumors
  • Expressing suicidal thoughts
  • Frequent displays of anger, such as clenched fists, red face, tight jaw

Strong Threat

  • Expressing a desire/intent to harm others
  • Open disobedience of policies/procedures
  • Vandalizing/stealing property for revenge
  • Expressing feelings of persecution by others
  • Sending sexual/violent notes or other communications to others
  • Making suicidal threats/gestures
  • Consistently acting out anger, such as slamming doors, punching walls, instigating fights