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Document & Digital Media Shredding Services

Current Process for Secure Document and Digital Media Shredding at Salt Lake Community College

  • To obtain a secure shred bin any SLCC department can simply contact Fix It (ext. 3911) and submit a work order request
  • The Recycling department then fulfills this request by bringing an empty bin to the desired location
  • When the secure bin is full the department simply needs to call Fix It again and submit another work order request to have the full bin picked up. They can also ask for another empty bin to replace the full one if needed.
  • The department will then be billed to the cost code they specify for the service provided.
  • For Digital media (such as diskettes, tapes, CD's, flash drives, hard drives, etc.) contact SLCC Recycling at 801-957-4242 to schedule an appointment for pick-up.

What goes in the secure shredding bins

  • If the documents you have contain personal or sensitive information such as social security and driver’s license numbers, financial information, student numbers and grades, etc. they should be placed in a secure shredding bin, or shredded in a personal shredder if you have one.
  • If documents do not contain personal or sensitive information they may be placed in any of the paper recycling bins around the College.


  • The current charge rate is $15.00 per shred bin. This charge will be billed to the cost code specified by the department.

How your sensitive documents are handled

  • SLCC currently goes with a private company (Certified Shred) to handle all of its secure shredding needs
  • All of the secure shred bins belong to Certified Shred. The company comes on sight to the Redwood campus to shred the contents of each full bin when the Recycling department calls them to schedule a pick up.
  • A certificate of destruction is issued upon request verifying the “AAA” rating of document destruction is being adhered to which meets national regulations.
  • All shredded paper is then recycled by Certified Shred

Any further questions about secure shredding can be addressed by Recycling at 801-957-4242