Active Shooter/Violent Intruder

The College’s goal is to maintain a teaching and learning environment that is safe for students, employees, and visitors at our College sites. The information presented below is intended to serve a as a guide and is based on recommendations from law enforcement experts.

Note: No single response is best for every possible occurrence, but if you are faced with deciding what to do in the event of a violent attack, consider the following information and, combined with the information available at the time to make a personal decision.

Being prepared for emergencies and understanding your personal skills and limitations will help you respond in the best manner possible.

Active Shooter Protocol

  • Run!
    Exit the area immediately if possible. Try to take others with you but do not stay if they refuse to go. Leave your belongings behind. Do not run in a straight line; take cover behind any available objects as you run. Once you are out of the area, prevent others from going in. Call 911 as soon as it is safe to do so. If you encounter law enforcement, put your hands up immediately and follow their directions.
  • Hide!
    If running is impossible or unsafe, you may decide to hide / Secure-In-Place. Act quickly and quietly. Your hiding place should be out of the view of the shooter. If inside lock and barricade the doors by any means possible. Turn off the lights and stay quiet. SILENCE YOUR CELL PHONE, including the vibration mode. Look around for items you can use as a weapon against the shooter should you end up having to fight. Avoid huddling together as much as possible as that gives the shooter a larger target to shoot at. Remember to stay put until law enforcement comes to get you out. It may take several hours for them to clear the area, keep your phone on silent and be patient.
  • Fight!
    If your life is at stake, you may have to make the decision to fight back. If with a group, work together on how you will attack the shooter. Look for any items that can be used as a weapon, chairs, fire extinguisher, belts, drawers, scissors, pens or pencils, anything that can cause harm. Act with fearless aggression, you may be fighting for your life. You must absolutely commit to taking the shooter down.

DO NOT Pull the Fire Alarm in the event of an Active Shooter.

NOTE: When you see responding Law Enforcement officers, follow their instructions exactly and as quickly as possible. Police may detain you, ask you to get on the ground, put your hands behind your head, etc. Once it is determined that you are not a threat, they will give you directions on moving to another location.

For more information, review the Active Shooter Response Training Video

Take FEMA Training IS-907 Active Shooter: What You Can Do