SECURE-IN-PLACE (formerly known as lock down) is recommended when a known threat of violence exists or there is an actively violent situation and it is unsafe or impractical to evacuate the area.

  • If you are in an area that cannot be secured, proceed immediately to an area that is away from the incident site and that can be secured.
  • Lock doors separating classrooms or offices from the hallway or internal foyers.
  • If the door does not lock, barricade the door with desks, chairs, bookcases, doorstops, or any other available furniture that would prevent someone from entering the room.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Cover windows or openings that would allow an individual to see into the room
  • Keep everyone calm and quiet; turn off audio equipment and set cell phones to “silent.” The goal is to make the room appear unoccupied.
  • Remain in place until emergency responders indicate that it is safe to leave.

* See Active Shooter / Violent Intruder for additional information.