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SLCC Today

What is SLCC Today?

SLCC Today is an email sent each Wednesday to SLCC students, faculty and staff, strategically crafted to increase visibility to the college’s news, events, magazine articles, important announcements and other happenings at the college.

Goals of SLCC Today

  • Eliminate repetitive all-subscriber emails and cut internal email clutter.
  • Collaborate and cross-coordinate email communications to more effectively promote happenings at the college.
  • Create a consistent space for faculty, staff and students to gather information and stay up-to-date with news and events.
  • Continue to utilize the college’s comprehensive calendar:

How to Subscribe to SLCC Today

All faculty, staff and current students should automatically receive SLCC Today in your SLCC email inbox. If you are not receiving it, please contact Mel Leilani Larson at

At this time, only current employees and students may receive SLCC Today.

How to Submit to SLCC Today

If you want to submit a story, event or announcement for inclusion in SLCC Today, you can do so by using the email submission form. The submission deadline is every Monday before 4:30 p.m. All information submitted by that time will be considered for inclusion in SLCC Today the following Wednesday.

Make an Email Request


If you are hosting a college event, be sure to check out and contribute to the college's comprehensive event calendar. You can create an account and submit any college event for inclusion, or view upcoming events at

Using a weekly email allows the college to provide information and news to our community in a single, streamlined way. It also means more exposure for all happenings at the college, and less email in your inbox!

Emergency management, messages from the President, policy changes, facility closures and other urgent email communications will still be sent via all-subscriber emails.

You can! Use the same request tool and email submission form. Or contact Mel Leilani Larson at Please note, pulling individual lists may take up to two weeks.

A variety of channels are available to promote your news or event at SLCC. Contact your IMC Marketing Manager for help and support.

If you have questions about SLCC Today, feel free to contact Mel Leilani Larson in Institutional Marketing and Communications at