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Proxy Approvers:

Proxy approvers are employees who the timesheet approver sets up to approve payroll when the approver is away or unable to approve payroll.

Proxies SHOULD NOT approve their own time; however, we understand that there are situations when a Proxy must approve his/her own time.  In this case, the Proxy must print out his/her timesheet, get approvers signature and maintain them in a folder.  Payroll will come by periodically and check to see if Proxy timesheets are approved.

How to set up a Proxy:

Approvers log into MySLCC and go to Employee Dashboard. Under My Activities, click on Approve Time. In the top right corner, click on Proxy Super User.  Scroll to the bottom and click on Add a New Proxy.  Click on the drop down and locate the proxies name and select it. This will set up that employee as the approver's proxy.  

Please note: Before doing the above actions, make sure the proxy has completed the OIT Request Banner Access Form requesting Proxy Approvals.