Salt Lake Community College cares deeply about your health and wellbeing. We are excited to join with Quizzify to help you learn more about health topics related to nutrition, benefits knowledge, mental health, financial literacy, and much more. Through fun monthly trivia quizzes, you’ll get the tools to choose more wisely when it comes to your health and healthcare. With Quizzify, you will not only learn, but you’ll also have fun. You can even cheat. Yes, go ahead and look up the answers.  


How to get started and play Quizzify? 
Salt Lake Community College's Quizzify website is linked here.

How many quizzes can I take?
There will be a new Quizzify quiz each month. You are welcome to take as many quizzes as you would like. 

As a full-time college employee, how do I claim the incentive for completing a quiz?
After completing your quiz you will be prompted to submit a survey containing your identifiable information (see image below). Submitting the Quizzify identifiable form along with the Incentive Request Form will complete the incentive request process.

quizzify post survey