Something is being done - in fact, did you know that:

Utilizing all state of the art LED lamps and luminaries

  • Parking lot lighting retrofits at the 5 major campuses will save approximately 600,000 kWH/year of energy. Replacing (369) old light fixtures with (268) New ones.
  • The associated energy cost savings of the retrofit will be approximately $25,000 annually based on our current rate schedules.
  • Walkways and wall pack retrofits at the 5 major campuses will save us approximately 390,000 kWH/year of energy. Replacing (501) walkway fixtures and (152) wall pack fixtures.
  • The associated energy costs savings of the retrofit will be approximately $16,000 annually.
  • Interior lighting retrofits will save us approximately 225,000 kWH/year of energy. Replacing (366) lamps and (100) light fixtures.
  • The associated energy cost savings of the retrofit will be approximately $10,000 annually.
  • Vending machine timers will save us approximately 6,000 kWH/year of energy. Installed Burt Brains on (50) vending machines.
  • The associated energy cost savings of the newly installed equipment will be approximately $600 annually.
  • All together the “Aggregate Lighting Project” will save approximately 1,210,000 kWH/year of energy.
  • The total associated energy cost savings will be approximately $51,000 annually.

ESCO Upgrades at Redwood, Jordan, Miller, Meadowbrook and South City

  • Lighting Project Highlights
    • Standardized all 4 foot T-8 Lamps, T-8, 28 Watt 4100 K with Electronic Anti-Arching Ballast, De-lamping w/reflectors
    • T-5 54 Watt 6 & 12 Lamp Fixtures (replacing Metal Halide) at the LAC Gyms, Providing practice/game (60fc/150+fc) light levels at Bruin Arena
    • LED & T-5 replacing MH fixtures in LAC Lobby and Exterior, LED provides 100,000 hours life
  • Water Conservation
    • Low flow faucet aerators 0.5 GPM
  • Building EMS upgrades
    • Retro-commissioning at Redwood Campus
    • Adjusting schedules and set points based on occupancy
    • Demand Control Ventilation – installed CO2 sensors, modulate fan(s) and outside air based on CO2
    • Install/re-program programmable stats
  • Constant Air Volume to Variable Air Volume Conversions
    • Installed 377.5 hp of VFDs to vary air volume based on occupancy requirements
  • Chiller installations
    • LAC Chiller Room – Replace 2-300 ton McQuay chiller (1994 Vintage) with one 600 ton VFD Carrier Chiller, improved efficiency and part load performance, installation include new condenser/chilled water pumps, refrigerant monitoring system (Life Safety)
    • S&I Chiller Room – Replace 1-400 ton Carrier Chiller (1990’s Vintage) with one 400 ton VFD Carrier Chiller, new condenser pump to replace old/failing pump.
  • Redundant Chilled Water pumps
    • Installed redundant pumps at Library Chilled water plant; Rampton Technology Building; Student Pavilion
  • BTU Meter Installation
    • Installed BTU Meter at JATC 1 & 2, allows SLCC to monitor chilled water and hot water supplied to the leased buildings
  • Electrical substation
    • Installed redundant 5 MVA substation transformers
    • 138 kV primary structures and electrical bus, includes modifications to RMP facilities to connect new SLCC facilities
    • Distribution cable between substation and SLCC feed
    • Switchgear, includes main breaker, feeder breaker for campus feed, and a spare feeder breaker as backup.
    • 5 years of scheduled O&M in addition to emergency call out service
    • Benefits include: 1) Improved reliability, connect to RMP’s transmission system; Improved power quality, lower utility rates (Schedule 9 vs Schedule 8); New facilities/additional square footage will be served at the lower rate.

Anticipated Energy and Cost Savings Summary

  • 2,959,907 kWh annually
  • 972 kW per month
  • $180K-$200K in cost savings due to substation rate change
  • Received $148,782 in Self Direct Credit from RMP in addition to approximately $229,300 (SLCC to verify) in utility incentives.

The following isn’t in depth tracking but a more simple analysis of the baseline year compared to this past previous year @ the Redwood Campus alone.

This is the Baseline for the years 2008-2010, that Chevron made for Redwood Campus

  • Average annual kWh: 17,275,110 (combined peak and off peak)
  • Average monthly kW: 3,385.29
  • For the Fiscal year 2014 our energy usage @ Redwood was as follows:
  • Average Annual kWh: 14,186,400, down by 18%
  • Average monthly kW: 2,803, down by 17%