Contact Information

Brooke Nyhuis-Salzberg
Energy Manager
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, GFSB 105C
Energy Tech
Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, GFSB 127

SLCC cares about energy! Here’s some of what we’re up to:

All Campus Recommissioning (RCx)

One campus per year is recommissioned which means that all energy use is evaluated for energy efficient upgrades that are made to the HVAC and lighting system equipment and scheduling.

  • The Taylorsville Redwood Campus was recommissioned in 2018. This focused on HVAC equipment maintenance, HVAC energy efficient equipment upgrades, and reprogramming, scheduling, and resequencing of the Building Automation System (BAS). The electrical power savings for this project was 1,041,507 kWh with $71,959.31 in annual electricity savings.
  • The Larry H Miller Campus was recommissioned in 2019. This project focused on reduction of both electricity and gas usage. The electrical power savings for this project was 499,547 kWh with $18,887 in annual electricity cost savings. Dekatherm (DTh) annual savings are currently being measured. Projected DTh savings are 7,098 Dth with $42,970 in annual gas cost savings.
  • The South City Campus is currently being recommissioned with projected savings of 765,376 kWh and an electricity cost savings of $50,178.79. 
  • The recommissioning of the Jordan Campus is planned to take place in the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined heat and power (CHP) units use the waste heat from their electricity production to supplement the heat of boilers. This trait makes them a very energy efficient technology that we are proud to feature on our Jordan Campus.

  • 2 combined heat and power units were installed at the Jordan Campus in February 2019.
  • Average daily kilowatt (kW) reduction is 100 kW.
  • Installing these 2 CHP units has significantly decreased utility demand, enough to change to a cheaper Rocky Mountain Power rate schedule.

EV Charging Stations

With more demand for electric vehicle chargers, SLCC is taking the proper steps to develop an infrastructure that can support EV drivers.

  • Currently we have 8 EV charging stations spread out across all campuses. This can currently charge a total of 16 EV’s at one time. 
  • We have purchased another EV charging station with plans to install it by the new Jordan Campus Student Center.
  • SLCC applied for a DEQ grant to fund 10 additional EV stations. If approved, these will be installed in the summer of 2020.

LED Lighting retrofits

  • LHM Campus – All shops were retrofitted with LED lamps and lighting controls. These improvements saved 69,465 kWh with $6,536 in annual electricity savings.
  • Airport Campus – Full interior LED retrofit, including the airport hangar, which saved 58,125 kWh with $5,231 in annual electricity savings.
  • Redwood Campus – Gunderson Facilities building LED retrofit. The lighting was upgraded to temperature tunable LEDs, which change their color temperature throughout the day. This color change has many possible positive health effects, and it may be introduced to other areas as LED upgrades take place.
  • Other planned lighting efficiency projects include the Cate Field and LAC arena sports lighting upgrades, and the LAC “can light” replacement.


We have 5 solar arrays spread out across all major campuses with a total capacity of 926 kW. The annual production of each array for 2019 is shown below.

  • Redwood Campus
    • Facility Shop – 25.5 kW capacity, produced 11,066 kWh or $885.28 in electricity cost savings
    • S&I – 8.4 kW capacity, produced 13,577 kWh or $1,086.16 in electricity cost savings
    • LAC – 364 kW capacity, produced 43,252.75 or $34740.22 in electricity cost savings
  • LHM Campus
    • MATC – 34 kW capacity, produced 30,990 kWh or $2479.20 in electricity cost savings
  • Westpointe – 504 kW capacity, produced 490,209.91 kWh or $39,216.79 in electricity cost savings

Future projects for solar installations include a new solar canopy installation for energy generation and covered parking.

Boiler Replacements

  • We recently added a high efficiency boiler to the heat plant at the Redwood campus.
  • Older boilers were replaced with new high efficiency boilers at the KGMC and MFEC

Future projects include plans to install a new high efficiency boiler at South City Campus

Utility Incentive Programs

SLCC participates in energy efficiency incentives provided by wattsmart Business and Thermwise business. These incentives are received upon completion of energy efficiency projects and are reinvested in future energy efficiency projects.

Energy Monitoring

SLCC uses several energy management software programs to manage energy usage.

  • We use multiple energy monitoring dashboards, including: ChargePoint Dashboard, SkySpark, Vitality, Energy Profiler, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Metasys, and Automated Logic.
  • SLCC has over 220 energy meters that communicate to our software programs for historical and instantaneous data.