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Joel Evans 
Grounds Manager
Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, Grounds Shop
Office: 801-957-4876

The Grounds Department is responsible for approximately 200 acres of landscaping around 6 major campuses. Groundskeepers perform maintenance and upkeep of lawns, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, and various plant materials while maintaining a safe environment for students and the general public. During the winter season they are responsible for snow removal on parking lots and sidewalks on a twenty four hour basis.

The grounds department mechanic is primarily responsible for maintaining dozens of pieces of grounds equipment. SLCC Taylorsville-Redwood Campus uses secondary water as its source for watering the campus; this is a waterwise measure and saves dollars. The lead irrigation employee is responsible for continually monitoring watering schedules for maximum efficiency and for monitoring and making sure the secondary irrigation pump at the Taylorsville-Redwood Campus functions properly.

SLCC has three athletic fields that the Grounds Department is also responsible for. The soccer and softball fields located at the Taylorsville-Redwood Campus and the baseball field located at the Jordan Campus (Cate Field). Maintenance and upkeep include fertilizing, mowing and striping. These fields require more attention than regular grounds surfaces due to their use and to ensure they meet college standards.


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