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The Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) serves as the Chief Financial Officer and oversees a division providing a variety of business-related functions of the College, including:

  • Budget & Financial Planning, including the Informed Budget Process (IBP), position control, and budget transfers
  • Office of Information Technology, including Help Desk, Desktop & Computer Lab Teams, Software Development & Support, Network & Telephone Support, Classroom & Conference Audio/Visual Support, Server Support, Digital Signs & Event Support, and Information Security
  • Facilities Services - providing operation and maintenance of existing facilities, Master Planning, new construction and remodeling, Motor Pool, Mail Services, Central Receiving & Distribution, Energy Management, and Recycling
  • Controller's Office, including Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Cashiering, Travel, and Auxiliary Services
  • Public Safety, including Police, Campus Safety, Emergency Management, and Parking Services
  • Internal Audit – this department reports administratively to the VPFA, but is organizationally independent and overseen by the Board of Trustees Audit Committee
  • Risk Management

The VPFA division is primarily a support/service organization, providing expertise in administering the various business-related functions the College needs to carry on its mission effectively and efficiently. This expertise assists in advancing the academic mission of the institution, while retaining focus on the stewardship of resources, compliance with various laws and regulations, and promotion of good business practices throughout the College. Specifically, the division is committed to assisting in the accomplishment of the strategic priorities surrounding student completion/transfer, workforce development, equity, and institutional sustainability/capacity. This commitment is manifested by:

  • Engaging in budget activities that promote, support, and advance the College in meeting its vision, mission, core theme objectives, and strategic priorities.
  • Safeguarding information and information technology resource availability, confidentiality and integrity.
  • Providing the students, staff, and faculty with a clean, safe, comfortable, well-maintained and people-friendly environment.
  • Ensuring that all applicable state and federal laws, governance policies and procedures are followed and incorporated into the operating procedures. Providing control mechanisms and financial/business services that address the needs of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Administering employee safety programs, including compliance with emergency preparedness regulations, protocols, and procedures and providing a safe and secure environment for the campus community.