Lost and Found Procedures

SLCC has designated the following locations for collecting Lost and Found. They are responsible to receive, document, return and transfer property. Any property not claimed within a certain period of time will be turned over to Surplus Property.

Taylorsville Redwood Campus

  • Student Center (STC): Student Center Offices: 801-957-4332
  • Markosian Library (LIB): Circulation Desk: 801-957-3847
  • Lifetime Activities Center (LAC): Recreation Desk: 801-957-3801
  • Gunderson Facilities Service Building (GFSB): Police Services: 801-957-4270
  • Academic Administration Building (AAB): Mail Services: 801-957-4544

South City Campus

  • Student Services SCM 1-061: 801-957-3407
  • Grand Theater Box Office: 801-957-3362

Jordan Campus

  • Health Science Center: Dean’s Office: 801-957-6322
  • Jordan Student Center: JSTC 227: 801-957-2670

Larry H. Miller Campus

  • MPDC 110: Conference Services: 801-957-5294 or 5285
  • MFEC 138: Student Services: 801-957-5417

Meadowbrook Campus

  • Building B: Student Services: 801-957-5821

Airport Campus

  • Main Reception Desk: 801-957-2050 or 2140

Library Square Center

  • Student Services: 801-957-2000

Westpointe Center

  • Student Services: 801-957-2150

West Valley Center

  • Lobby/Reception Desk: 801-957-2118

When claiming Lost and Found a person claiming property must provide the following information:

  • Description of the property
  • When it was lost
  • Where it was lost (if known)
  • Description of the property (color, brand, model, identifying marks)

Collection and Transfer of Property

Any property not claimed within a certain period of time will be picked up on a regular schedule by the Surplus Property department. The final disposition of property will be made by the Surplus Manager in accordance with College policies and state law.

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