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Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant Support Council (AASC)

Connecting Through Our Strengths

Welcome to the home page of the Administrative Assistant Support Council! The AASC exists to provide necessary assistance for administrative professionals in all facets of work life. Today’s administrative professionals need to be skilled in project management, budget and finance, technology, and writing. In addition to these skills, admins must have leadership qualities, advanced communication skills, the ability to think critically, and maintain work/life balance.

Whether you are new to SLCC or a tenured administrative professional, you are a member of the Administrative Assistant Community. Our duties often revolve around making our administrators’ lives’ efficient and smooth. The AASC is here to do the same for their support.

The AASC is a Council composed of SLCC administrative support professionals. New members are inducted once a year (July) to be standing members of the AASC. An application is sent out to all administrative support professionals around mid-May detailing the time commitment, list of duties, and where your interests may be. During your term, your goal will be to further the resources and culture of the Administrative Assistant Community by way of training, recognition, and even as far as a listening ear.


The AASC is designed to provide relevant and critical training and education to meet the ever-changing needs of the SLCC working environment.

Professional Training

The Administrative Professional’s role encompasses an incredibly wide domain of activities and knowledge. Those who are in such roles may receive essential training to reinforce and expand their knowledge of their role and the college. Taking part in these training courses will present opportunities to advance in vital skill sets and will boost their ability to thrive in today’s work environment. Improving productivity and improving confidence can be anticipated after participating in these sessions.


AASC Council Members share best practices and innovative ideas with SLCC’s Administrative Professionals. The Council will also obtain mentors to guide everyone to further excel in their departmental role. The more we can be supported, the more we can support.

AASC Teams Collaboration Site

This site offers necessary resources and contacts to further support SLCC’s Administrative Professionals. Let this act as a way to connect with other members, receive assistance and guidance from like-minded or like-skilled individuals professionals, and stay up to date with the AASC.

For more information about the AASC, contact