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Supervisor Resources

The Way We Lead

We acknowledge that skilled leadership is a practice developed with time and effort. The Senior Leadership Team commits to the following six practices and thirteen SLCC-specific behaviors as The Way We Lead at SLCC. This hybrid, foundational course includes definitions, short readings, videos, reflective questions, leadership skills, and other resources. Together, each of the six modules will provide you with the information and skills that you will need to be a successful people leader. (approx. 8 hours to complete).

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Supervisor Essentials

Supervisor Essentials is designed to provide SLCC’s leaders with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed for being an effective supervisor in our diverse campus community. All new supervisors are required to attend this program as part of their comprehensive professional development during their first year. Current SLCC supervisors may attend any of the 6 modules as a refresher.

EEO - Ensuring Equal Opportunity

Learning Objectives

At SLCC, we strive to maintain a working environment free of discrimination, intimidation, coercion, harassment and retaliation. Supervisors will be able to identify and relay EEO and Title IX information to team members and campus community.

Presented by EEO & Title IX Office, PWC

Leave Benefits Training

Learning Objectives

Gain an understanding of SLCC’s leave policies to better support employee retention and inclusion. Supervisors will be able to evaluate when a leave of absence is appropriate and advise team members on the various leave processes.

Presented by Human Resources, PWC

Employee Relations

Learning Objectives

Learn more about Employee Relations and how they can help support you as a SLCC Supervisor. Gain skills in addressing challenging employee related concerns. Learn both the informal and formal corrective action processes.

Presented by Employee Relations, PWC

Accountable Conversations

Learning Objectives

This training session will support effective skill development in assertive communication. Participants will learn ways to communicate in clear and respectful approaches to support SLCC’s inclusive and accountable work environment.


Learning Objectives

At SLCC, we want to find and to retain the best talent. Hiring managers and supervisors are essential to this process. Supervisors will learn to successfully navigate a more inclusive and equitable hiring process.

Presented by Human Resources, PWC

Delegation and Setting Expectations

Learning Objectives

Strong, principled, and consistent leadership is essential to achieving success. Creating space for individuals to excel involves setting clear expectations, delegation and managing outcomes with appropriate flexibility, empathy, open dialogue, and the exchange of ideas.

Presented by a partnership between PWC and Peak Performance LLC

SLCC Check Ins

Check ins are a chance to discuss the team member’s priorities, obstacles, and solutions in real time, while the work is ongoing. It is a conversation to see where you can lend support to the work and your employees’ wellbeing.

Two questions a supervisor can ask during a check in:

  1. What are your priorities this week?
  2. How can I help?

This frequent and real time check-in will help you with your more formal GPS conversations. We highly recommend them!


Continuous Feedback, Coaching and Development

We encourage on going conversations between you and your team regarding expectations and their development. Your conversations may be done through one-on-one conversations or other methods of “check ins” covering the following:

  • Recognition for projects or items that are going well. Refer to The Way We Lead for SLCC’s shared leadership practices.
  • Coaching can be an effective tool to approaching a change at work, understanding team dynamics, or increasing communication with others. Consider engaging with a coach.
  • Provide specific feedback on how to increase performance through goal setting and clear expectations.
  • Share ideas regarding career development, professional development, or interests.

New to SLCC Supervision

Meet the challenges of becoming a new supervisor by understanding the basics elements required and gain more confidence.

LinkedIn Learning has created Learning Paths where you can take several courses and gain a certificate of completion at the end. This path is designed to provide you with the key considerations, skills, and competencies to help you become and succeed as a manager.

Linkedin Learning - Become a Manager

In the meantime, we encourage you to utilize LinkedIn Learning for just in time training resources on leadership and supervision.

Stay tuned for more information coming this fall semester!