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Hiring Hub

The search process at SLCC contains eight steps, starting with writing an engaging position description and ending with welcoming your new employee to our organization. Clicking each step of the search will reveal recommendations and best practices to help you implement inclusive hiring strategies that help minimize bias and bring more talent to our organization. This process varies slightly between part and full-time employees as well as staff and faculty. This guide is meant to exist as a quick reference and does not supersede the applicable policy to these areas.

Mission: Attract, welcome and connect new employees to Salt Lake Community College.

Vision: Engage and inspire a thriving people-centered workplace.

Purpose: Integrate and retain talent by creating a meaningful employee experience through collaborating with supervisors to engage employees.

SLCC believes diversity enhances the richness of the educational experience and leads to the understanding of and appreciation for the differences and commonalities in each of us.

SLCC Diversity Statement

Salt Lake Community College is committed to "the creation of opportunities for historically underrepresented populations to have equal access to and participate in educational programs that are capable of closing the achievement gaps in student success and completion."

AACU (American Association of Colleges and Universities), "Making Excellence Inclusive"
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