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Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness works to build healthy, prosperous and otherwise thriving lives for all SLCC employees. Our work is focused on helping you to Learn more about health and wellbeing, Move Better and Do More, and build a greater sense of Belonging.

Your wellbeing journey is uniquely yours and we can help. Employee Wellness supports your wellbeing journey by providing opportunities for education, experiences, and connections that increases your capacity to find and experience joy, improve your health, and build supportive relationships at work. You know, the things that help you to bring your best self to work.

Take a moment to explore the programs within the sections below, learn more about the Employee Wellness team, or submit an Incentive Request.

Visit the new Employee Wellness Space and Schedule a Chair Massage or Light Therapy!

SLCC's Wellness Memo supports employees to engage 180 minutes per week in wellbeing related activities.

If you need ADA accommodations for any programs, please contact


Wellbeing is enhanced when people are well informed and better equipped to make
decisions about their health.


Move Better and Do More

Physical activity is a key component to wellbeing journey. Leading a physically active
lifestyle positively impacts your ability to cope with daily stressors, move through your
environment, and complete activities of daily living.



Having a sense of belonging has a profound impact on our wellbeing. Those who have
a sense of belonging in their workplace tend to have positive mental health, more meaningful
connection to peers and leadership, see how their work is connected to the mission of the
organization, and high levels of life satisfaction.