Employee Wellness

SLCC's research-backed wellness programs reward you for participating, at any level you choose. Review our latest incentives and select the program that speaks to your current wellness goals. Your new knowledge and enhanced health will help you build the foundation to take control of your well-being and work/life balance for many years to come.

Our Mission

The mission of the Employee Wellness program is to empower SLCC's employees to live healthy, prosperous, and otherwise thriving lives through the implementation of quality, evidence-based health education programs.

Engagement in the Employee Wellness program is open-entry, open-exit, and voluntary. As such, Full-Time employees are welcome to complete Employee Wellness programs that best fit their individual needs. Time permitting, Part-Time employees are welcome to participate in programs as well. The level structure is designed to give options and guidance to those who do not have a clear path toward wellbeing but it is not a required progression. To register for Employee Wellness programming, please click on the program below that you're interested in participating in. Once the page loads, identify the date and location that best meets your schedule, then click on the registration form link and follow the prompts in the form.

Contact Information

Please send your questions, comments, and/or concerns to EmployeeWellness@slcc.edu.

Incentive Request Form

Full-Time employees may submit an incentive request form once an Employee Wellness program has been completed and the incentive will be added to a future payroll.

On-Campus Walking Groups:  

  • Members of our employee wellness program will be leading walking groups throughout the week for all employees to join. There is no registration required, just show up at the scheduled place and time and enjoy being with your fellow employees and walking our beautiful campuses.   
  • Please feel free to contact the group leader with questions.  

Walking Programs


Meeting Location 

Day of the week 

Time of the day 

Length of walk 




East Fountain 


12:00 PM 

30 minutes with some playful dance walking 


Top of the Amphitheatre 

west of the Student Center 


12:30 PM 


30 minutes with walking with stretching pauses 



Northside of Student Center at the entrance 


8:15 am 

30 min then followed by stretching 


Patio South of HTC 


11:00 am 

30 min 


North entrance of the conference center  


9:00 am 

30-45 min 

Level 1

These simple to complete programs are intended to engage participants with important but brief information about many different health topics. Participants will be incentivized for selecting and completing a maximum of two items ($50 each) from this list:

Wellness Library Beyond Biometrics   quizzify-graphic.png     Regence.com   First Aid and CPR
Wellness Library Beyond Biometrics Quizzify Regence.com First Aid and CPR
Level 1 Programs

Level 2

This level is aimed at knowledge acquisition. Here you will receive in-depth and usable information about relevant health and wellbeing topics. Participants will be incentivized for selecting and completing a maximum of three items ($100 each) from this list:

2016-2017 EWB Lecture Series One Small Change Quantified Self Financial Literacy
Lecture Series One Small Change Quantified Self Financial Literacy
Level 2 Programs

Level 3

These long-format programs have been designed with behavior change in mind. Participants will be incentivized for selecting and completing a maximum of one item ($200) from this list (Health Mastery program options include Personal Training, Stress Management, and Recipe Book & Mindful Meals):

Regence.Com Plus Tobacco Cessation Departmental Program Health Mastery
Regence Empower  Tobacco Cessation Departmental Program Health Mastery
Level 3 Programs

Level 4

This level is independent of the previous three levels. These programs are intended to help prevent the onset of or better management of chronic conditions. Participants will spend the entire fiscal year within this level. The full annual incentive amount will be distributed throughout the fiscal year. Please complete the program from this list that is most applicable for you:

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program National Diabetes Prevention Program cohort-graphic.png Graphic for the Asthma Home Health Program
Chronic Conditions Self-Management National Diabetes Prevention Program Cohort Based Programs Asthma Home Health Program
Level 4 Programs

Level 5

KAB (Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors) programs motivate participants to put their "KAB in Action" by providing them with time away from their typical duties (pending supervisor approval).

    • Accumulated Mileage Program
    • Drop-in Yoga
    • Wellness Memo
    • Past EWB Lecture Series Videos
    • Campus Recreation Drop-In Fitness Classes
Level 5 Programs