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Human Resources Department Rule


Cabinet Approval 10/29/20


The Human Resources Office will establish, maintain, and control access to personnel records of current and former College employees to document employment related decisions, benefit choices, and comply with government record keeping requirements. These records are considered confidential and will be screened periodically by the Human Resources Office to discard obsolete materials pursuant to the College's Records Retention Schedule.

    1. Utah Code Chapter 2, Title 63, "Government Records Access and Management Act"
    2. Utah Code Part 2, Chapter 7, Title 53b, "Reporting Salary Information"
  2.        DEFINITIONS
    1. See Human Resources Definitions.
  3.        PROCEDURES
    1. The Human Resources Office is the primary custodian of employee personnel files. The Human Resources Office may grant and supervise temporary access to personnel files to an employee’s supervisor, second level supervisor, and/or other College departments/divisions for College business necessity purposes. 
    2. Personnel files are retained pursuant to Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act (“GRAMA”).  Current and former employees may make a request to the Human Resources Office for a copy of their personnel file.  Human Resources may charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of retrieval, copies, and/or electronic data storage devices.
    3. The Human Resources Office will coordinate requests for public records found in employee personnel files with the Office of Risk Management in compliance with GRAMA.  This includes all external requests for information found in employee personnel files, unless the information and materials are classified as “controlled”, “private”, or “protected” under GRAMA, or the disclosure of information and materials is forbidden pursuant to state or federal law.
    4. The Human Resources Office maintains a separate and confidential medical records file for every employee. The Human Resources Office also maintains I-9 files separately from personnel files.
    5. Supervisors’ notes, informal Corrective Action, and/or tenure review documents are not stored in employees’ personnel files.
    6. Employees may submit a written letter in response to any document that is added to their personnel file within 30 days of a document being added to a personnel file. The written response will be attached to the document. A copy of the written response must be forwarded to the employee’s supervisor by the employee.
    7. Employees have the responsibility to notify the Human Resources Office in writing of the following changes: Name, address, phone number, beneficiaries, and emergency contact.