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Employee Resource Groups

Stay connected and engaged with other employees by joining an employee resource group. Have a question? Reach out to

Administrative Assistant Support Council (AASC)

Today’s administrative professionals need to be skilled in leadership, project management, technology and writing skills, along with advanced communication, critical thinking, budget and finance knowledge and work/life balance. The AASC is a community of SLCC administrative assistants and secretary III’s. New employees become members of the AASC on their first day of employment!


The SLCC Chapter of UWHEN invite women of all backgrounds, and all levels of employment or leadership to engage in professional development, networking, mentoring, discussion, and engage in topics that are important to its members. Our vision is to create an environment of collective empowerment for all women working in higher education at Salt Lake Community College and partnering institutions. We have adopted the ACE Women’s Network mission to advance women’s leadership on higher education campuses through the following (IDEALS):

  • Identifying women leaders.
  • Developing women’s leadership abilities.
  • Encouraging the use of leadership abilities.
  • Advancing women’s careers.
  • Linking women to other women and mentors.
  • Supporting women in mid- and executive-level positions.

UWHEN accomplishes its mission by:

  • Maintaining a network of women in higher education administration, faculty, and staff roles.
  • Providing professional development opportunities for leadership preparation, development, and support of women in higher education.
  • Promoting the visibility, recognition, and advancement of women in higher education leadership.
  • Addressing barriers and issues affecting career progression of women in higher education.

Please join our email list for updates on events such as the UWHEN Leadership Conference, The President’s Luncheon, professional development opportunities, and information that support women in higher education.

Staff Association

The purpose of the Staff Association is to advocate on behalf of all full-time, and part-time Staff to promote the growth, development, and engagement of its members, to highlight staff accomplishments, and to work with all departments to create an inclusive environment while supporting the mission of the College and its strategic priorities. Staff Association recognizes the remarkable contributions of our full-time and part-time staff through the Outstanding Staff Award given out at Employee Recognition Day each year. The Staff Association's Staff Stars Recognition Program acknowledges the countless staff members who regularly advance the mission of the College by providing exceptional access and service to our students, staff, faculty, and community. The Staff Association hosts several fun engagement opportunities throughout the year at the different SLCC sites, offering a great chance to for employees to meet and interact with each other. Staff Association is always looking for staff to participate, either by elected executive board position or by volunteering to serve on a campus board, they encourage all to help the Staff Association make SLCC the best place to work possible.

Employees of Color Coalition (ECC)

The Employees of Color Coalition (ECC) was established to provide a forum for dialogue and subsequent action on issues and concerns that impact ethnic minority employees at Salt Lake Community College. The goal of ECC is to promote inclusiveness of ethnic minorities at Salt Lake Community College through strategic advocacy; to function as an informative organization in support of recruitment, career development and retention of our members; and to work closely with campus administration to ensure accountable for maintaining its commitment to diversity. Ultimately, its desire is to bring together the ethnic minority community internally and externally to develop and maintain a cohesive network system that will cross all campus levels.

LGBTQ+ Committee

The Purpose of the LGBTQ+ Committee is to be a catalyst in transforming college culture by raising awareness, providing education, and advocating for LGBTQ+ populations while encouraging each member of the college community to embrace diversity and create an inclusive environment for all.