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Wellbeing is enhanced when people are well informed and better equipped to make
decisions about their health.

Level 1 LEARN programs

These simple to complete programs are intended to engage participants with important but brief information about many different health topics. Full-Time participants will be incentivized for selecting and completing any two Level 1 programs ($50 each).


Salt Lake Community College cares deeply about your health and wellbeing. We are excited to join with Quizzify to help you learn more about health topics related to nutrition, benefits knowledge, mental health, financial literacy, and much more. Through fun monthly trivia quizzes, you’ll get the tools to choose more wisely when it comes to your health and healthcare. With Quizzify, you will not only learn, but you’ll also have fun. You can even cheat. Yes, go ahead and look up the answers.  


How to get started and play Quizzify? 
Salt Lake Community College's Quizzify website is linked here.

How many quizzes can I take?
There will be a new Quizzify quiz each month. You are welcome to take as many quizzes as you would like. 

As a full-time college employee, how do I claim the incentive for completing a quiz?
After completing your quiz you will be prompted to submit a survey containing your identifiable information (see image below). Submitting the Quizzify identifiable form along with the Incentive Request Form will complete the incentive request process.

quizzify post survey

This Level 1 option empowers you to be a more informed consumer of your healthcare. This program consists of three components: Preventative Care vs Diagnostic Care, Identifying a provider, and Estimating the cost of a procedure.

  1. Read the Preventative Care vs Diagnostic Care website then answer and submit the incentive request form. 
  2. If you do not already have a provider, use the Find Care website to locate a provider.
  3. Estimate the cost of a procedure using the Estimate Costs website. Doing so empowers you to identify the provider that you want and the price tag that makes sense to you.

Stack of books

Reading about a health topic that you are interested in is a strong first step in your wellness journey. To complete this program, read a book that matches with your wellness journey then answer and submit the questions found on the incentive request form.

Level 2 LEARN Programs

This level is aimed at expanding our understanding of health in everyday life. Here you will receive in-depth and usable information about relevant health and wellbeing topics and ways to change health behaviors. Participants will be incentivized for selecting and completing a maximum of three items ($100 each) per fiscal year.

2016-2017 EWB Lecture Series

The Employee Wellness Lecture Series aims to improve the health knowledge of all full and part-time college team members. The 2023-2024 Lecture Series includes presentations on Nutrition, Loneliness, Repetitive Strain Injury and Sleep. Register for one of the below Lecture Series sections. After registering for one of the Lecture Series sections and before the program begins, an Employee Wellness team member will send you a meeting request with specific dates, times, and location information.

Registration Form:

Submit the registration form to sign-up for a Lecture Series.



Beginning Date



February 2024 Tuesdays February 6-26th, 2024 11:00 AM - 12:00PM Redwood Campus
March 2024 Wednesdays March 6-25th, 2024 1:00 - 2:00PM Virtual
April 2024 Mondays April 8-29th, 2024 3:00 - 4:00PM Redwood Campus


Level 3 LEARN Programs

These long-format programs have been designed with behavior change in mind. These programs will assist participants in actively engage in healthy behaviors. Participants will be incentivized for selecting and completing a maximum of one item ($200) per fiscal year.


Positive Psychology: 

This 16-week, interactive program focuses on boosting mental health. It’s a series of informative sessions designed to build valuable lifestyle practices and increase your overall well-being. This program provides information on Hope, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Flow, Happy Practices, Optimism/Learned Helplessness, Gratitude, Self-Trust, Social Comparison and more. 

Submit the registration form to sign-up for Positive Psychology. A calendar invite will be sent with additional meeting information.


Month Begins 


Beginning Date 



March (16-Weeks)


March 7th, 2024 

2:00 to 3:00 PM




Tobacco Cessation

Ending the relationship with tobacco is likely to be one of the most challenging endeavors in a person’s life. WayToQuit is a free tobacco cessation program provided by the Utah Department of Health.  Before registering with WayToQuit, contact Christina McWhinnie, to learn how to qualify for this Level 3 incentive.

Level 4 LEARN Programs

This level is independent of the previous three levels. These programs are intended to help prevent the onset of or better management of chronic conditions for you or your loved ones. Participants will spend the entire fiscal year within this level. The full annual incentive amount will be distributed throughout the fiscal year. Please complete the program that is most applicable for you:
State of Utah Asthma Home Visiting Program 

Salt Lake Community College has partnered with the Salt Lake County Health Department and Utah County Health Department to offer the Utah Asthma Home Visiting Program.

This program is intended for Salt Lake Community College Employees residing within Salt Lake County or Utah County with severe or uncontrolled asthma. Employees or family members living in your home qualify for the program if you/they:

  • Have been to the emergency room or hospital for asthma in the last year.
  • Have been on oral steroids (like prednisone) in the last year for your asthma.
  • Have an Asthma Control Test (ACT) score of less than 19.

Don’t know what your Asthma Control Test score is? Find your score by taking an ACT now.

The program consists of the American Lung Association Asthma Basics educational program, three home visits, and two follow-up phone calls from County Health Department officials. Home visits last between 60–90 minutes and are spread over a period of about four months. During the home visits, County Health Department’s health educators will teach participants how to:

  • recognize asthma symptoms
  • correctly use asthma medications
  • reduce asthma triggers in their homes

Please register directly through the Utah Asthma Home Visiting Program. Once completed, employees may email the Certificate of Completion to