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Talent Management

A holistic approach to optimizing human capital, which enables an organization to drive short and long term results by building culture, engagement, capability, and capacity through integrated talent acquisition, development, and deployment processes that are aligned to goals.

Please see the Power Point presentation for general information about Talent Management or for a more in-depth look, click on the Talent Management Plan.

Goals of Talent Management:

Job Standard

  1. Define and implement career ladders creating organized career pathways
    • Implementation of career ladders will be done in a phased approach utilizing job families
  2. Align salary structure to provide greater emphasis on competitiveness with the external labor market
    • This will be done in conjunction with the career ladder implementation
  3. Publish job descriptions and standards online
    • An upgrade will be taking place in the second or third quarter of 2011 to make this possible
  4. Job Classification Standards