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Level 1

These simple to complete programs are intended to engage participants with important but brief information about many different health topics. Participants will be incentivized for selecting and completing a maximum of two items ($50 each) from this list:

Reading about a health topic that you are interested in is a strong first step in your wellness journey. This library contains a small but diverse selection of suggested titles pertaining to health and wellbeing. Other titles that you might be interested will also qualify for this incentive and can be obtained through the SLCC, the SLCo library systems, or your personal library.

To check out one of the below titles, Full-time employees may visit TB 225B or have a title sent to you through campus mail by sending an email to Preston Lindhardt (be sure that you include your mail code in your email). Books may be checked out for a period of 21 calendar days. For your convenience, a book return appointment will be sent through Microsoft Outlook. This appointment will serve as a reminder of when the title should be returned.


Title Checked Out Title Checked Out
Changing to Thrive Richest Man in Babylon X
Daniels Running Formula Self-Compassion
Daring Greatly X Start with Why
Eat What You love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes The Happiness Advantage
Filling Up: The Psychology of Eating X The Joy of Movement
Great by Choice X The Magic of Thinking Big X
Health at Every Size X The Slight Edge
Intuitive Eating X Train Happy
Man's Search for Meaning Ultramarathon Man
Mindful Eating X Wellbeing
Option B Wellbeing at Work
Rich Dad Poor Dad X Working Out: The Psychology of Sport and Exercise

Salt Lake Community College cares deeply about your health and wellbeing. We are excited to join with Quizzify to help you learn more about health topics related to nutrition, benefits knowledge, mental health, financial literacy, and much more. Through fun monthly trivia quizzes, you’ll get the tools to choose more wisely when it comes to your health and healthcare. With Quizzify, you will not only learn, but you’ll also have fun. You can even cheat. Yes, go ahead and look up the answers.  


How to get started and play Quizzify? 
Salt Lake Community College's Quizzify website is linked here.

How many quizzes can I take?
There will be a new Quizzify quiz each month. You are welcome to take as many quizzes as you would like. 

As a full-time college employee, how do I claim the incentive for completing a quiz?
After completing your quiz you will be prompted to submit a survey containing your identifiable information (see image below). Submitting the Quizzify identifiable form along with the Incentive Request Form will complete the incentive request process.

quizzify post survey

As in previous versions of the Employee Wellness program, will continue to offer a variety of web-based health and wellness courses. There has been a platform refresh in 2019, so the look is different. Employee Wellness participants may select any of the self-guided program options within that they are interested in and believe will further their wellbeing pursuits. There are 11 options to choose from. SLCC's Employee Wellness program offers a Level 1 ($50) for the completion of any one of these 11 options.

To access the self-guided programs, log into your Regence account and select Meet Regence Empower from the member dashboard. Once you are on the Regence Empower site, click on the icon drop-down in the top left corner and select Self Guided Programs.


Image of the Regence Empower site


Once complete, submit the incentive request form and send in the "History" report to as evidence of the completed self-guided program. After signing into, this report can be accessed by clicking on Meet Regence Empower. Once on the Regence Empower dashboard, select History from the top right section under ‘Incentives’. This view will show all completed programs. Once verified, the incentive request will be added to a future paycheck.

How to access Empower:

  1. Register or sign in to your account
  2. Click on Meet Regence Empower
    1. During your first visit to the Empower site, you will need to confirm and select applicable communication preferences

Accessing your Empower activity history:

  1. Locate and click on the History link within the Incentives section
  2. Enter the desired program cycle duration
  3. Export the report as a PDF 
    1. Email the completion report to 
      1. A screen capture image is also welcome



Please join your fellow SLCC coworkers in becoming a Suicide Prevention Ambassador! Full-time & part-time employees can help us reach our goal of 1,000 employees becoming LiveOn Ambassadors by completing the LiveOn Utah Playbook program (currently only on Instagram). Full-time employees may submit a Level 1 Employee Wellness incentive request. 

Live On is a statewide effort to prevent suicide by promoting education, providing resources, and changing our culture around suicide and mental health. Together we can get through, reach out, lift up, look ahead, and Live On. 

This course is on the LiveOn Utah Instagram page and can be done any time, at your own pace. Total time to complete is approximately 1 hour. These step-by-step instructions will guide you to through 

Once all 10 modules have been completed, please fill out our completion form and post your Ambassador Certificate on your Instagram page with hashtag #SLCCLiveOn.  

Nearly 5 million workers were injured on the job in 2012. Individuals with first aid training tend to have fewer workplace injuries than those without (Miller and Andrew, 1973). As such, being First Aid and CPR certified is supported by the Employee Wellness program.  To receive the $50 incentive for completion of your First Aid and CPR certification you will need to fill out and submit a Level 1 incentive request form located on the main EW website.  Please send evidence of your First Aid and CPR certification to 



First Aid/CPR Training

National Safety Council course. Cost is $20 which covers student material and certificates. CPR is valid for 2 years and First aid for 3 years. This class qualifies for Employee Wellness benefit level 1. The entire course takes approximately 7 hours.

    • MySLCC
      • Employee Training
      • Register for Training
      • Emergency Management for Training/Department
      • Choose Course E026 First Aid