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Trades Shops

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To place a work order, please contact FIX IT at 801-957-3911 or


Barton Mace
Director of Construction and Trades
Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, GFSB 133

Lori Anderson
Administrative Assistant
Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, GFSB 134


SLCC maintains a full carpentry shop to deal with many types of emergencies that may arise. Carpenters are kept busy by providing support to all areas of the College from concrete work to hanging banners.

The Carpenters provide most of the support for minor remodeling and work that may need to be done to repair doors, walls and many other areas.

Electrical & Lighting Departments

SLCC has a staff of full time electricians for all of its campuses and two lighting technicians.The Electricians have a wide variety of responsibilities ranging from replacing ballasts in thousands of lighting fixtures to dealing with high voltage cabling. A primary function of the staff is to coordinate the needs of instructors for power management in classrooms, offices, and other areas where their services may be needed.

Cabinet Makers Shop

The Cabinet Shop consists of highly skilled journeyman-level Cabinetmakers responsible for designing, building and repairing College furniture. They have a vast knowledge of the operation on a variety of woodworking machines and various hand-tools to fabricate and repair wooden cabinets, high grade furniture and work proficiently when remodeling is needed.

Paint Shop

The College employs full-time painters. They are responsible for maintaining all painted surfaces, finished wood, wall coverings and specialty decorative finishes for all interior and exterior properties and equipment at Salt Lake Community College. Office moves and remodeling projects require the painters to have specific knowledge of products and their correct application. They are experts when it comes to matching the precise colors of paints and stains.

Other areas of responsibility include caulking, sealing, sandblasting or power water washing, removing graffiti as the need arises, and working with specialty finishes such as marbling, gold leafing and faux finishing.